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What's DOS?
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Lenovo X1 defective display cover and my sad story

I have always been satisfied by Lenovo products. I've been a customer for many years and even since IBM thinkpad days, I found Lenovo business series laptops extremely durable and strong.


I am right now the owner of a Lenovo X1 Carbon 3rd Gen and a Yoga 260. Both are in international warranty.


After some use, I realised that on the top cover, on the left, right upon the display hidge, there was something that looked like a scratch. The thing is that I pay extreme attention and care to my laptops, so no scratch could happen without me knowing. Next, I thought that it couldn't be possible and I tried watching the "scratch" while I opened and closed the lid several times. My fears were confirmed: opening and closing a $1600 laptop was tearing the material of the cover.


At first I thought it was just my case. You know something that happens once in a 100,000 devices. So I called the local lenovo support and the really nice guys guided me through the process. They told me such things are not being covered by Lenovo so they had to send some photos to Lenovo central support in order for them to decide whether to change my cover whose crack was getting wider and wider while I was opening and closing the lid.


I need to mention that I am a developer and I make very smooth usage of my machines. No field service, no smoking, no humidity, just ideal working environments.


Thanks to the beautiful Lenovo support, they replied very fast and approved the change of my lid cover. They took my laptop for some days - which I didn't like at first because I have next-day on site support and I lost some of my productivity working on another laptop for these days - and returned it with a new cover. No cracks, I was happy.


I suddenly realised that the cover lid doesn't close 100% anymore. There is a slight gap and it remains open, as it seems that for these kind of ultrabooks it's very difficult even for the most skilled technician to put things back the exact way they were put by a robot in production. I can see scratches from the screwdriver they put to open the cover. And the lower plastic part of the display next to "X1 Carbon" logo, doesn't "click" well as it seems it has something beneath it.


The most annoying part was that this time, another crack appeared in a week. At the same spot. And this made me very dissapointed. This isn't some discount $300 commercial laptop but a business unit of $1600. And the cover cannot take the pressure from the hidges, so the cover tears its material and creates a crack that becomes bigger and bigger every day.


I don't want to go through the same process again and call the same service, send the same photos and wait to change a cover that will last for a week or a month. I am totally dissapointed and started to think of buying a DELL XPS which doesn't seem to have the same issues due to aluminum covers. I don't have any other way of communication with the "central support" or complain department of Lenovo, that's why I am posting this here.


I hope that someone from Lenovo sees this post and will guide me what to do.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo X1 defective display cover and my sad story

Just noticed a hairline crack on my X1 carbon lid cover as well, however the crack on mine is right in the middle. the laptop was never dropped or missued. Must be an engeneering diffect. Wondering if Lenovo is gonna do anything about it?

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo X1 defective display cover and my sad story

Likewise my X1 Carbon (6th gen) has this hairline-like crack spreading horizontally over the back cover. This pisses me off because I paid like $1000 and now I get this cracked lid... I've never dropped it. It's literally a month old. My first time buying Lenovo (I heard good things) but now I'll have to just going to see what my manufacturer warranty does for this. There has been no accidental damage.

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