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Paper Tape
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Lenovo X200 Bluetooth Problem




yesterday i got my first lenovo laptop ( x200 ), it comes with windows vista.

I set it up with windows 7, installed  some drivers ( access connection, audio, wlan, ... ), but when i installed bluetooth it sayed me that there was no dongle found.

Also the wlan symbol is lighting, but the bluetooth not.

I read in other forums that you can activate bluetooth with fn+f5 but when i press the 2 buttons nothinh happens.

I would only need it for my mouse.



Thank You

Serial Port
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Re: Lenovo X200 Bluetooth Problem

Dear Silver,


There is a slide switch on the left front side of the X200 which physically turns the Bluetooth off and on.  The switch is easy to accidentally move from one position to the other when you handle the machine.  It's happened to me on several occasions, and it is not a software problem, it is a mechanical one.  When you find the switch, see if it is in the proper position to allow Bluetooth to function.





Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo X200 Bluetooth Problem

are you sure you bought laptop with bluetooth radio?
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo X200 Bluetooth Problem

Thank you for your answer,



sorry for my late answer, the switch on the left side was on, but the bluetooth was disabled in the bios now its working very good.

But now i have another problem that my wwan isnt working Smiley Indifferent,

downloaded the driver, inserted the sim card but it writes that there is no sim card inserted




Edit: I cant see wwan with fn+f5, but with access connection, i called also the support and they say its locked to vodafone but im using a1, i read that this also should work.

Maybe a driver or something is missing, during the installation of the wwan driver there was everywhere a green "check" only for network adapter and pc sc port a red cross in windows

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Community SuperMod
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Y550 same problem

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo X200 Bluetooth Problem


Hi everyone. I've got a X200 which I bought a year ago and believe it or not I have had so many problems and issues with it and basically I have been solving issues on it almost every week which were mostly the blue screen issues unitl I had vista Installed.


Windows 7 was a great relief as the laptop stopped crashing.  But since then, or a little after that, my bluetooth does not show any more on my laptop.  I have tried everything, installing all BIOS updates, and yes, my laptop came with bluetooth etc... Its been a few months that I have been without bluetooth on this system and its really becoming aggrevating.  Could someone please help and tell me what is it that I can do?


I tried installing the Thinkpad Bluetooth with advanced from the Lenovo site and it claims that your Bluetooth is not plugged in and you need to do that before installation.  Its says your bluetooth dongle is not connected.  !!!  In any case the system is not recognizing my bluetooth any longer, when I go to Fn+f5 I do not get hte bluetooth option anymore and I only get it for the wireless and WWAN, and the bluetooth option is completely missing like it never existed.  Same goes with the control panel, there is no bluetooth options or icons there anymore.


Please help.  Thanks & hope to hear from somone. Kourosh.

MY system Lenovo X200 7454-CTO

Former Administrator
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Re: Lenovo X200 Bluetooth Problem



Welcome to the forum!


Since you indicate bluetooth used to work, we'll proceed with the assumption that the hardware is present on the latptop.  Is it shown in device manager like this?




If so, then we could expect the hardware is being recognized, and perhaps it's just a driver issue.


If it doesn't show up, then I would check the switch and the BIOS settings as EB recommended above.  If you have confirmed these are all ok, then normally I would suspect the bluetooth module may have failed and would recommend you contact support if under warranty, or if you are out of warranty, you could try to order FRU # 42T0969 which is the bluetooth daughter card found as part #9 in the exploded parts diagram for the X200 type 7454 on our support site.


The hardware replacement would be a last resort assuming you have tried reinstalling the driver, checked FN+F5 to ensure it's on, and at your discretion backed up your data and restored the system to the factory configuration through Rescue and Recovery.  (If you have prior save points prior to when bluetooth stopped working, perhaps you could try to restore to one of those?)


Best regards,



Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo X200 Bluetooth Problem

Please check your BT Service (Bluetooth Support Service) from Computer Management > Services and Application.

Then start it.




Or you can use this cmd: C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k bthsvcs


Hope it help.


Salam dari Indonesia,


Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo X200 Bluetooth Problem

hi brother, I am facing same problem what u faced earlier, could u help me in resolving the issue as u said that " the bluetooth was disabled in the bios" so how to enable bluetooth in BIOS

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