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Paper Tape
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Lenovo X230 - Windows 10 & playback issues

Hi all,

Apologies if I've missed this elsewhere - new to the forums so still learning to navigate.

As background, machine type listed below:

X230 Laptop (ThinkPad) - Machine Type 2325, Model BA6

As I see it I'm having two separate issues here but they may well be linked:


  1. Recent Windows 10 updates are making the taskbar fully ineffective - I note this is fairly common and have tried the powershell route to check updates to no avail; curious to know what the advice here generally is, if X230 is no good with Windows 10 or is there something specific I should be doing to rectify this.
  2. This weekend, my laptop has developed a habit whereby the sound and video playback stops working suddenly. On boot-up it's fine but after a while, I can't listen to music or watch videos at all. Bit alarmed about this but suspect it may be linked to the thunderstorm on Thursday (based in London...), given I woke up to realise the powerboard on my TV had also gone. 

My laptop is within warranty so hopefully if it's hardware related, I would hope this is covered - in truth, I was reassured about the Lenovo warranty but have never had cause to use it at home or work over the last 6 years of using Lenovos.

Any help or guidance would be massively appreciated!

Kind regards,


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo X230 - Windows 10 & playback issues

You didn't fully explain either issue.

What do you mean the taskbar is fully ineffective?

When you try to play audio or video media where are you playing it from? The Internet? A particular site? Files on your hard drive? What player and what type of files?

Generally, have you tried different websites and different software? Have you taken troubleshooting steps with your network speed? Have you tried different files in different formats?

You say you suspect recent Windows updates. Have you tried rolling back to the last good Restore Point and then disabling the Windows Update Service? If it continues to work after this change just wait a month or two for Microsoft to get their update kinks worked out and try enabling updates again. (Make sure you always have backups or restore points before allowing updates. Don't allow "recommended updates.")
I own an X230 Laptop
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo X230 - Windows 10 & playback issues

Hi there, thank you for the reply.


Yep, didn't even realise but apparently there was a big update to my laptop - restoring to a prior point seems to have done the trick... oops!


Thank you! 

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