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Lenovo X250 not displaying on HDMI through Ultra Dock

I'm having an odd problem with a ThinkPad X250, connected to an Ultra Dock, and the HDMI output. On my monitor it works fine, without any issues, but on another monitor, specifically one attached to an Optelec ClearView HD device, it doesn't seem to work.


The PC doesn't recognise anything being connected, and the monitor itself doesn't show anything on it.


The next part is a bit long to explain, so apologies in advance: The problem monitor connects to a camera for the device, it uses a HDMI to DVI-D connection (the monitor only has a DVI-D or VGA input), and this works, the camera image is visible as expected. What should happen is that the HDMI input on the back of the camera control box can have a HDMI cable put into it from a PC (or laptop and dock in this case), and you can then flick between the camera and the PC input, but this doesn't work, instead when flicking to the PC it displays a black screen. Interestingly the control box doesn't give a red 'x' that it does when nothing is connected, so it knows something is there, but can't display it.


To narrow the issue down, I tried connecting the HDMI to DVI-D connection that the camera uses to the Ultra Dock, and that didn't work either. As far as Windows is concerned for both connections (HDMI and HDMI to DVI-D) there's nothing there (I check on the laptop screen under display settings).


I've called Optelec about it, and they've not had the same problem, but are looking into it. I was wondering though if anyone on here had any similar problems and solutions?

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