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What's DOS?
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎09-14-2009
Location: Israel
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Lenovo X61s is "hiding" on the home network

even after repeatedly going through setting up a home network all I can do is communicate from the X61s to other computers on the net but not the other way around. Even Pings don't work even though the X61s receives a valid IP address and all Wan comunications seem to be fine


Any ideas?

Posts: 200
Registered: ‎02-01-2009
Location: USA
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Re: Lenovo X61s is "hiding" on the home network

The issues here are too wide to address with the little info you've provided,  you have to describe every device in the path including your broadband router at least if there is one but not necessarily the make and  model


And do you have a Router, sometimes called NAT Router ?


Cause if I had to infer,  by a description of home network and only getting out, but nothing getting in....then that could mean you need to setup inbound ports for forwarding to your X61, those are sometimes called firewall rules.


That typically requires setting a static IP instead of  the DHCP setup so those forwarded ports always reach the right PC.


If those abbreviations are unfamiliar,...or you're unwilling to learn their meaning or deeper purpose than the best advice is just stop right now since haphazardly exposing a Windows box to the web will also expose it to the vagaries of attacks that "LIVE OUT THERE" and snarf the unsuspecting like you.


Get help, call that kid down the street who everyone uses, ask a knowledable friend, but setting up a network w/o basis will invariably lead to system and network compromise and DON'T BOTHER ASKING "WHY WOULD ANYONE HACK ME...????" 


The majority of web launched attacks are performed by  bots who have no criteria of who they attack and may have been luanched so long ago that even their original author forgot about them but the distributed nature makes it impossible to deactivate and this phenomemon has reached such a dubious maturity of script kiddies who do nothing but seek abandoned bot nets then take over them like some animal seeking shelter killing a cave dwelling occupant animal while being exclusively filmed for the Discovery Channel.

Don't just sit there, take a second and use the Kudo's button to compliment the people who help you.
What's DOS?
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎09-14-2009
Location: Israel
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Re: Lenovo X61s is "hiding" on the home network

Dear AGoodSolution


Actually I do know the abbreviations and are quite willing to learn - and thanks to both your quick response and some crash course of understanding the way this community works I have found the problem - seems to be quite ubiquitous - the Thinkvantage Access connections software had a nasty (but quite secure) habit of disabling file and folder sharing every time it activated ie with every reboot in spite of windows config. So at least for the connections within my home network (either wireless or LAN) I've disabled that option and now all is well.


As I quite agree with you that amateurs should either stay home or rely on a professional - my system was previously run by a "computer guy"with seemingly good background and experience  - who was unable to solve either this or other similar problems, a not very unusual situation driving all of us "tyros"to dabb in the arcane :-)