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Lenovo out of x270 systems - alternatives? (incl. from Dell? HP?, ..?)

Lenovo is out of x270 systems – can anyone recommend a reasonably priced alternative source for these? (I had received an educational discount too).


I spent quite some time over Memorial weekend configuring and then ordering a x270 to replace my current x240. The order was acknowledged by Lenovo.


This morning I received an e-mail telling me that they couldn’t honor the order since they were out of parts  (well the e-mail wasn’t very clear, it took some time and talking to three different people at Lenovo, several disconnects included, until I was told no more x270 Thinkpads).


I was told the units were oversold .. I thought I was buying a laptop, not an airline ticket :-/  I am very disappointed that Lenovo would accept an order and then not fill it. I’ve been buying Thinkpads for the last 20 years (starting with my IBM T560 in 1998) and always had good experiences with the process.


They offered a T480s (somewhat similarly configured) for $400 more, or x280 for $500 more  .. not what I’m interested in. Also, I don't have a money growing tree sadly.


Any suggestions where I could still get a good deal on a new x270? Should I be considering Dell’s XPS 13 or some other systems? This experience has soured me a bit on Lenovo, sufficiently to consider an alternative manufacturer for the first time.



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Re: Lenovo out of x270 systems - alternatives? (incl. from Dell? HP?, ..?)



Sorry to hear that Smiley Sad  I checked the Lenovo outlet and no joy there either.


I see quite a few X270 models available from Amazon sellers - some fulfilled by Amazon.


No idea how their specs and prices match your expectations.


[edit to add] I see some @ NewEgg too.  NewEgg and Amazon are the only online retailers I use for PCs.  There are no doubt others.


Good luck,


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