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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo x201 - Turns off at Sign In Screen - Plugged In and Multiple NEW batteries tested & attached

I have a Lenovo x201 laptop, It has been sent back for repairs from employee.

At first, the fan seemed to be not working causing overheating. I then replaced the fan however the laptop kept shutting down as soon as sign in screen showed up.

I think there is a FAN issue where it doesn't run because of low computer usage causing the laptop to crash.

I have found a workaround which is a weird way.

So if I REMOVE the battery from the back and PLUG in the adapter, the laptop works just fine. I have to care to not unplug the cord accidentally. When I start the laptop + signin everything works fine, and I can hear the fan spinning where before, when the battery was plugged in, It used to idle causing a crash.

Now if I put the battery back in. WHILE it is PLUGGED IN and on desktop screen, it SHUTS OFF in a matter of seconds.

I concluded that the BATTERY causes the FAN to IDLE which in turn shuts the LAPTOP off because it is thinking the FAN is FAULTY.

Now I am on a domain at the moment, so I cannot download a CPU Fan Management Program to keep the fan at a steady X%.

ANY IDEAS ? Thanks in advance. 






A video I made of what is occuring, I apologize its my first video ever on this type of stuff Smiley Happy Hope it clears it up.

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