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What's DOS?
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Lenovo x230 Blue screen tcpip.sys

Hey guys


I bought new lenovo x230 laptop few months ago. I installed eset nod 32 antivirus few days ago, and it found few "threats" in my computer. I dont remember either i deleted or did something with these files, but after that computer didnt connect to the internet. I use wifi 24/7 in my home. Once  i got connection and opened chrome (or IE) it suddenly appeared blue screen and it said something about tcpip.sys. I googled the problem and got different answers but i need you help guys. Skype is working fine but i cant access to the net with chrome and IE ( i dont have mozilla)

I added two photos also:



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Re: Lenovo x230 Blue screen tcpip.sys

Hello and welcome,


I'm on DSL today (1.5mbps) and that's way too slow to view those pictures.  Can you resize them or maybe just post in text what they say.


Even on my cable connection it would take a very long time to see those things. I can't tell if it's just gigantic images or a slow server on your end since I can't download them to check the sizes.



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What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo x230 Blue screen tcpip.sys



Here is "mini"pictures but i also added download link to these pictures



 When downloading, press the grey download image on the left ( not that green big one )

I hope it helps Smiley Happy


// Can anyone please help ? I just found that i can access to the internet with safe mode, but i need a solution Smiley Happy

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