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Lenovo x230 Randomly Shutting down/ Loosing power- SOLVED! fix

I saw few people have problem with this, It was hard for me to find what was wrong with my laptop, It just lost its power (instant power-off) from time to time, It was like that for like a half a year, I couldn't figure what was wrong with it. It was totally clean inside and wasn't overheating ,ran all the tests- all was fine, battery also was fine, so is power supply and power module.

The thing that fixed it- Was Changing CPU thermal compound, it had dried out really bad and was causing this gremlin.. Even though I didn't believe that it could be the problem because it didn't had overheating issues. Spent $1 on the compound from ebay and the laptop has been fine for over 2months now.

In case anyone has the same problem or comes up when searching this post- that's the thing that will fix it even if it sounds weird.



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Re: Lenovo x230 Randomly Shutting down/ Loosing power- SOLVED! fix

Nothing weird about it. Hard to diagnose? I replaced/upgraded my CPU recently(desktop).

(1) Good thermal paste $4 of less.

(2)Band Aid non stick medium pads to clean off old thermal paste. Rub gently.

(3)91% isopropyl alcohol

(4)You tube video. pea method of apply -or- the 1 line version.


Go to CPU-Z website.

(1)download CPU-Z(free)

(2)download HWmonitor(free)<temps shown


Understand C vs F temps

(1) water boils at 212 F. 100C

(2)Check Intel spec for your CPU.  Tcase and other terms.


71.4 C max,


Great user feedback from itaa.

My cpu temps:


My "tcase " is 71.4 C. . Max shows 49C. Inside spec.

$6.12 and lots of patience, not including CPU price.

Side note: check event viewer. Does it say max thermal items exceeded or nothing? 



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