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What's DOS?
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Lenovo x240 LOCKED OUT


I'm sitting here absolutely confounded. I just reinstalled Windows on my x240 and decided that, while I was at it, I might as well remove my BIOS password, as I am no longer in school. I primarily use my laptop at home, so a password isn't really necessary.

I go into the BIOS and straight to the security tab. I start disabling everything that is enabled and related to Supervisor password, Boot-up password, Start-up password and so forth. At one point, I am prompted to type in my current password and next to fill in my new password and to type it in once more. Being somewhat familiar with how unintuitive a BIOS can be, I leave the fields where I have to type in my new password blank, thinking that the BIOS will then assume that I want to have no password. I leave the fields empty and hit ENTER. It accepts this for some reason. I get a system halt for some reason and my laptop reboots. I am then prompted to type in my BIOS password as per usual, but it won't accept the password I usually use, which means there's an active password, but no longer the one that I've set prior to this. I try different passwords, I try just hitting ENTER, but no luck.

I am locked out of my laptop and every Google result even remotely related to my issue suggests that I have to purchase a new motherboard for my x240. Really?

I did not set a new password, I left the fields BLANK and hit ENTER. I have no idea what the password could be.

I figured perhaps the BIOS password reverts to a prior password, perhaps set by a previous owner or by the manufacturer, whenver you leave the fields empty.

Before I try removing the CMOS battery, I'd like to hear if you guys have any experience on the matter and what advice you'd give me.

Once more, it's a Lenovo x240 and I'm locked out. I can't even access the BIOS after turning on the laptop, as I am immediately prompted to enter my password.

What's DOS?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎06-25-2018
Location: DK
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Re: Lenovo x240 LOCKED OUT

Ok, this is embarassing but it might be something to learn from.

I just remembered the very first BIOS password I set. I tried it, and it worked. Leaving the fields blank caused my BIOS to revert to the earliest password, which is the password I set prior to the one I am using now.

Either that, or my supervisor password and my start-up password were different.

Anyway, feel free to mark my thread as resolved or just delete it.

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