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Lenoxo X1 Carbon 5th Gen Screen Flickering when Plugged In

Within the past few weeks I have noticed that my X1 has had the screen flicker or turn off when I plug it in to an adapter. This has never happened before.


I called Lenovo support because the laptop is still under warranty but they recommended replacing a screen part. I do not think the screen is broken.


Any thoughts on how to fix this?


I use a 65W adapter from 2017



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Re: Lenoxo X1 Carbon 5th Gen Screen Flickering when Plugged In

There are a mutlitude of things that "manage power". It goes from software, drives to firmware. I would have not jumped so fast in replacing a part.


If it was me, I would take these steps:


First check power managment settings under windows. Not sure on the new/newer gen of the X1, but some Thinkpads have a "behavior" setting for power managment in BIOS. Check that as well. Netc


1. Update firmware/BIOS

2. Update any power managment drivers/software from the Lenovo site

3. Update any other drivers/software that relate to screen, etc.


Report back...



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