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Posts: 6
Registered: ‎08-27-2008
Location: Aurora, OH
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Accepted Solution

Limited or No Connectivity - Wired Ethernet Problem (Intel 82566MM GB NIC)

I'm not sure what's going on...


I have no problem with my WIRELESS Network... but I cannot establish a connection with my WIRED Network.

I have verified the Network Cable and everything "downstream" by hooking up another (2) computers... they work fine.


I get a message in the lower right hand taskbar indicating that there is "Status: Limited or No Connectivity" on my Local Connection.


Under the SUPPORT Tab - for Connection Status - I get a message stating - "Limited or no connectivity.  You might not be able to access the Internet of some network resources.  This problem occurred because the network did not assign a network address to the computer."


When I try to do a REPAIR ... I get a message indicating "Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: Renewing your IP address."


I tried UPGRADING the Driver...



File details  

Version: (Build 152228)

Release Date: 2007/12/18  

File description 7kra22ww.exe     11,168,312    

Intel PRO/1000 LAN adapter software


But the Windows Device Manager says that my driver is up to date.

Device Manager indicates Driver Version:   10/12/2007



I tried UNINSTALLING the driver... rebooting the machine... and it automatically detects the network card and reinstalls it.

Still having the same problem.


I've reached the end of my rope with ideas.


FYI - I just had the system in to Lenovo for service with a FAN ERROR.



Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-17-2008
Location: United States
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Re: Limited or No Connectivity - Wired Ethernet Problem (Intel 82566MM GB NIC)

I'm having the save problem with my Lenovo T61p (with Intel 82566MM NIC).  The problem is intermittent.  Occasionally,  I lose nework connectivity and get the message "Limited or no connectivity".  I am unable to "Repair" the connection. 

The loss of connectivity occurs at seemingly random times.  The NIC appears to "lock-up".  I am unable to "Disable" the NIC.  Furthermore, when I attempt to restart the laptop, it does not shut down.  I have to resort to a "hard" reboot (press and hold the power button).  So, the NIC lock-up appears to be impacting Vista.


After reboot, the problem is usually fixed . . . for a while.


I am not having any difficulties with Wireless connections.


The installed Intel 82566MM driver is (March 5, 2008).

I am running Vista OS, Service Pack 1

BIOS is LENOVO 7LETC1WW (2.21), 7/1/2008


Is there a hardware or software log I can monitor to troubleshoot this issue further?

Posts: 6
Registered: ‎08-27-2008
Location: Aurora, OH
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Re: Limited or No Connectivity - Wired Ethernet Problem (Intel 82566MM GB NIC)

After doing extensive searching on the WEB, and uninstalling and reinstalling the NIC Drivers... I tried calling Lenovo for support.

After a number of suggestions and tests... including a BOOT into PC-DOCTOR Ethernet Test that indicated "Cannot Run" when trying to perform the TCP/IP Network Communications Test... Lenovo is sending me a BOX so I can send the system back to them for repair.


I'm a bit nervous - since this may be software related, I need to also send them my HDD.


I will post any results if this problem is finally resolved.

What's DOS?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎09-19-2008
Location: Canada
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Re: Limited or No Connectivity - Wired Ethernet Problem (Intel 82566MM GB NIC)

I have been fighting the same problem on my T61p running Vista for over six months now.  In an attempt to fix it I reinstalled the OS only to find that the problem did not go away.  I downloaded the latest driver from Intel (Version and still had the problem.  However, I think I may have stumbled onto a fix recommended by other users with Intel NICs based on the same chip.  In the Advaned section of the Device Manager properties for the NIC there is an option "Wait for Link".  Set this to ON.  Since I did that, I have not seen the issue.  However, I have only been running for a day or so.  It might be worth trying this on your system before you box it up.
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎08-27-2008
Location: Aurora, OH
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Re: Limited or No Connectivity - Wired Ethernet Problem (Intel 82566MM GB NIC)

As it turned out... I had to send back the entire unit. The REPAIR TICKET indicated that they had to Replace the Main Motherboard. ... received the unit back today, and Wired Ethernet is working just fine.
Serial Port
Posts: 39
Registered: ‎04-20-2008
Location: Arlington, Texas
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Re: Limited or No Connectivity - Wired Ethernet Problem (Intel 82566MM GB NIC)

[ Edited ]



Has the solution you mentioned worked out for you? I ask because I'm having a similar intermittent Ethernet problem. Given that my R40 is out of warranty and having a similar problem I'd like to know how your solution panned out - it's a lot cheaper than paying Lenovo $500+ for a new motherboard. I suppose a new PCMCIA card this guy speaks of ( is a possible alternative but the downside is it makes my laptop's "footprint" even wider.


It sure would be nice to connect with someone who knows what all those choices under the "Advanced" tab for the Intel V100 network card Device Manager mean: if your solution hasn't fixed the problem perhaps changing one of the other available settings might. Given that my problem started right after I'd updated a few drivers from the Lenovo site do you know if this (needing to change one of the other settings) makes any sense?


Interestingly, Ethernet connectivity with my machine seems to be momentarily induced or interrupted by changing the angle of my R40 laptop's screen. I know that my computer can be put into sleep mode by closing the screen; I wonder how specifically it knows the screen has been closed - by screen angle, or by the latches making an electrical connection? Maybe this feature has gone partially bad, affecting Ethernet connectivity?


Ed P.

Message Edited by epischedda on 12-17-2008 06:55 PM
Thinkpad R40 2897-54U running Windows XP Pro
Paper Tape
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎02-02-2009
Location: Newark
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Re: Limited or No Connectivity - Wired Ethernet Problem (Intel 82566MM GB NIC)

I'm having the same problem - the NIC doesn't seem to want to connect to a local ethernet segment (my X60 connects perfectly normally).  Went through driver updates, and even sent my unit back for replacement.  They sent me back a machine with a new systemboard WITH THE SAME PROBLEM.


Is there a systemic problem here with these NIC cards? I'm finding it hard to believe that I've got two bad ones in a row.  One odd problem I've noted is that the LINK LIGHT remains active and GREEN regardless of whether or not a Cable is inserted.