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Loud Fans on X1 Extreme due to bottom cover

I found a chinese forum where someone has posted that the loud fans on new X1 Extreme (February 2019+)

are known problem to Lenovo. This is a quote:

"The dust screen is too close to the cutting airflow, especially when the speed is low..." 



Lenovo will release new X1 Extreme Notebooks this year and they will fix this problem by redesigning the bottom cover.


I hope Lenovo will also make new bottom cover for existing customers who have this problem.


Does any Lenovo representative have any news on this??

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Re: Loud Fans on X1 Extreme due to bottom cover

First, I do not work for Lenovo and have no inside knowledge.  I have access to the same things you have.  I can probably find an entry on some forum saying that Elvis is living on Jupiter.  The X1 Extreme uses a high-performance, 45-watt CPU in a case that is 18mm thick.  Most thin, light machines use 15-watt low power (and lower performance) CPUs.  More watts means faster, but it also means much more heat.  That translates into a bigger fan to move more air, and more air being moved means more noise.  I have read that the soon-to-be-released X1 Carbon will get a different case, but I expect the X1 Extreme case will be similar to last year.  The product announcement said nothing about a case re-design.  


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