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Paper Tape
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Re: MSDTC errors on Lenovo X1

I have just received advice from support that the issue is directly realted to LenovoSmartStandby service.


"I have a fix for DCOM issue which has been tested on the notebook that was sent out to us. This fix for the DCOM will work on fresh installed workstations and the factory image. Once the notebook has been updated to the latest patch, you need to disable a Lenovo
service. The notebook which we received was formatted to the latest Win10 build and all drivers/firmware were installed via the Lenovo System Update utility. Once this was completed I had checked the Component Services and saw that the icon had the Red Arrow with the mentioned error. As a troubleshooting process I started disabling non-windows services individually, restarted the notebook till I found the service which was causing this issue. The service which is causing the issue is “LenovoSmartStandby” once this service was
disabled, we successfully ran the Component Services. I have done some research and determined that disabling the mentioned service does not effect the system performance or battery life."


Yet to try myself...


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Re: MSDTC errors on Lenovo X1

Someone from the support must be reading this thread :-)
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Re: MSDTC errors on Lenovo X1

My X1 Gen 6 has been running fine for a week with the Smart Standby Service disabled.   Does anyone know the purpose/functionality of this service?  Web searches regarding it have not helped much.

Punch Card
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Re: MSDTC errors on Lenovo X1

This error also occurs on the Lenovo Legion Y530, but the Y530 does not have LenovoSmartStandby service.


Still looking for a solution...

What's DOS?
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Re: MSDTC errors on Lenovo X1

For my T480 disabling service "Doldy DAX API Service" and restarting solved problem.

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