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Paper Tape
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Major X220 Motherboard Problems, Horrible Service

Lenovo's had my X220 for over three weeks now.  Just like a lot of people have posted here, I'm waiting for a replacement for faulty motherboard.  Last week, they had the part ETA as sometime mid this week.  I just spoke to another agent, and now the ETA is February 24th, which means it will be over a month since I sent in my laptop... and there's still no guarantees.


I'm finding this experience infuriating and frustrating.  I'm a student, and I can't afford to just go out and buy another machine.  I do all my work on my laptop... so to have a relatively new machine be out of my hands for over a month is inexcusable, especially when many of us purchased Thinkpads based on a reputation of reliability.  All of the agents I've spoken to have told me there's absolutely nothing they can do.  The can't expedite my case (no parts), can't provide a loaner or new machine.


What makes this even more ridiculous is that it seems like motherboard failure on the X220 is a widespread, serious phenomenon.  Just perusing these boards, I see there are 3 separate currently active threads where motherboard failure seems to be the primary cause:


My system exhibited all three of these symptoms.  


I'm getting the feeling that many of us who purchased the X220 have been sold lemons.  Unfortunately, no lemon laws apply to consumer electronics... that I know of.  


If Apple, another "high end" laptop manufacturer, had these kinds of recurring problems on one of their premier systems... and then took over a month to repair it... with still no set date of repair, the negative publicity would be ridiculous.  Our computers are essential productivity tools for many of us... and they're not cheap.  It's probably the most important single item I own.  I mean, I can't imagine taking in a 6month old car into the dealership for repair... and their holding on to it for over a month without providing any kind of compensation.  


This is just unacceptable.

Punch Card
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Re: Major X220 Motherboard Problems, Horrible Service

I feel you. I'm afraid to send this for repairs having read some of the posts. Brand new machine and the Display Port or DVI don't work (with docking station) after countless hours of trying. Like you, I was also expecting a flawless machine out of the box, but I was disappointed. A 1400€ machine should work. Also, it might just be Intel's fault. Let us see what the future brings upon us.

Punch Card
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Re: Major X220 Motherboard Problems, Horrible Service

I share your frustration.  I've found the Lenovo support superficial.  I hold out hope that they will make some announcement about bad motherboards with a schedule for prompt repairs, but that's because I want to feel better about myself and my own decision to dish out big bucks for this machine.  However, my hope is waning.  I don't know whose fault it is, but as a Lenovo product, I feel like they should speak up and let us know what went wrong and how we can get it fixed.


After 4 months with a malfunctioning machine (including one useless trip to the Depot), I am regretting my purchase.

Paper Tape
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Betreff: Major X220 Motherboard Problems, Horrible Service

Just an update... It's been over a month now... and still no firm date on when my laptop is going to be returned.  This seems like a major issue... not just an isolated case, with so many people reporting the same issues.


I'm aslo disappointed that no one from lenovo has replied to this thread.


This is my third thinkpad... and might just very well be my last.  How can a company as large as lenovo, selling "enterprise" grade hardware, hold onto a machine for over a month and not have any real date for repair?


The worst part is no one seems to care or be able to provide any kind of assistance.  In the short term, I'm the big loser... as well as other people who are suffering from the same problem.  If this continues to be an issue, then in the long term, it'll be Lenovo.

Token Ring
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Re: Major X220 Motherboard Problems, Horrible Service

Not sure what is going on with my X220, when I plug in a USB into one of the left two USBs, the laptop totally shuts down.  The power button slowly flashes and the fingerprint reader flashes.   I should add only if (on either port) I attempt to plug in a USB connector - and when I notice I need to turn the plug over (I realize the plug is upside down) then it crashes the laptop.  Now I have reached over to plug in USB ports in various PCs since the advent of USBs and this is the only machine that shuts down.  Lenovo thinks it is a bad motherboard.  Faulty circuitry.  Guess we will see as I have a new motherboard being put in tomorrow.  


BTW, before a new MB goes in - are there any things I should do to make a good transition (will my fingerprint reader still work with a new MB, or ny other issues anyone has experienced)?

Token Ring
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Re: Major X220 Motherboard Problems, Horrible Service

The tech just showed up to replace the MB on my X220 June 2011 purchased system with a used MB that appeared to date from March 2011. 


After 1.5 hours on the phone with support, they agreed to send a new one since my machine started having problems when it was only 6 months old and because, I guess, they agreed with me that I should not get a MB older than my machine build date.   Two reps told me I should get a new MB, and two said under warranty I could get a "certified used" MB.


Any experience out there for those of you who have had to have MBs replaced? 

Paper Tape
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Re: Major X220 Motherboard Problems, Horrible Service

I have a new x220 (<20 days old) and started experiencing freeze the past few days.  1-2 times per day which require battery removal to restart. I called tech support yesterday and following their instruction updated Lenovo/Windows then checked laptop health via the toolbox 9everyhting came out ok). After it froze again today tech suggested it the MB and I am having a replacement done tomorrow. 


Based on the various threads I will look at the replacement MB to make sure it is new. Where do I look for its ‘age’ and what date should be considered new relative to my purchase date of February 2012?


Also, I would appreciate hearing from owners who have had an MB replaced about current laptop health.


Thanks in advance.

Punch Card
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Re: Major X220 Motherboard Problems, Horrible Service

[ Edited ]

I'll be more than happy to take a "used" motherboard as long as I can get my laptops working.. I have 3 out of 4 X220s purchased in December down waiting for over a month now for MB replacement.



What's DOS?
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Re: Major X220 Motherboard Problems, Horrible Service

I bought my x220 before christmas and the motherboard stopped to work just 3 months later and I waited 2 months for the replacement of the motherboard!! I hope the new motherboard will not fail again. BTW, there must be some design flaws for x220.

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Re: Major X220 Motherboard Problems, Horrible Service

There was an EEPROM issue on some of the X220 that was built at the end of last year.

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