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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2010-03-02, 9:38 AM

Hello All,


if you run WIN 7 please also check out our thread at the WIN 7 board.

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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2010-03-05, 19:47 PM

My parents have an X60 Tablet whose battery died as per everyone else in this thread.  I bought a new battery and the light shows as green and it shows as 100%, however as soon as I remove the plug, the system shuts down.


Any ideas?


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2010-03-13, 22:18 PM

My X61 8-cell battery charge indication started jumping from ~50% to 4% charge in the summer of 2009, when I was still not aware of the recall program, so I did nothing to remedy the situation other than wait for the battery to die completely.  I performed the battery reset, now it holds charge for about an hour, maybe less.  Still, the reading is really unreliable, sometimes it shows 0% capacity but continues to work until shutdown.  Battery condition is reported as Poor (obviously), I believe it holds 29% of its design charge capacity.  Battery has a little over 100 cycles, symptoms appeared within ~65 cycles.

laptop   : X61 7673-44G

battery  : FRU P/N 93P5030

           ASM P/N 92P1174


So the battery is among those officially recalled, yet I learned about the recall program too late.  I for one agree with those who believe that all defective batteries should be recalled, not just some P/Ns, and not just between the time window given by Lenovo.  A shame for such an otherwise high quality product.  I hope Lenovo extends its recall program.


Panagiotis Hatzis



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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2010-03-30, 21:27 PM

I am in the same situation!


I used Power Management to reset the Battery last night, but when I woke up this morning..


it is dead... it shows the "irreparable damage" message


my FRU P/N 93P5029

it is eligible for replacement last year, but not now!



and I heard that sometimes even replace a new battery, the same situation will pop up again?




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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2010-03-30, 23:28 PM

Very disappointing that Lenovo continues to ignore their customers with any sort of acknowledgement. We will remember this.


I'm beginning to be converted to the windows 7 problem camp. Here is a repost from the latest part of the thread



From the user "Trivial-C":

"Model T40 2373

BIOS 3.23

Li-Ion battery, 10.8v 6.6ah

Windows 7 reports the battery as defective and only taking a 40% charge. Once unplugged batter goes down to less than 10% in 15 seconds.

But this is where it gets interesting....

I've disabled all the critical battery warnings and actions. And I let it run. Once unplugged the battery goes down to 4% in less than 20 seconds. The battery then sits at 4% for 20 minutes. The battery then goes back up to 32% and sits there for another 20 minutes and then starts to discharge at a normal pace. The battery eventually reaches 0% where it sits indefinitely, until it actually drains and crashes (expected behavior).

In my last test the battery performed for 1 hour 48 minutes under p95 stress testing. This is obviously a functional battery.

As mentioned this did not occur in XP or during the bios battery rundown test.

So, in summation... my battery is in fact performing as it has. Windows 7 is not recognizing the correct battery charge and/or discharge."


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2010-04-04, 2:32 AM

Same thing happened to me. But battery is not on the recall list.


FRU: 93P5032

Cycle: 52



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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2010-04-19, 6:08 AM



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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2010-05-22, 14:48 PM

With me it's the second issue of the battery out of the blue suddenly not holding a charge. In the morning, I used the laptop for an hour then put it in hibernation. A few hours later, turned on the laptop just to find out that the batter is dead and failed due to normal wear... :(


FRU 94P5032

ASM 42T5209

cycle count: 152


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2010-05-26, 4:16 AM

Similar problems with my X60s battery: the battery meter suddenly dropped to 1% and it refuses to charge, blinking orange batter status light, and the computer completely turns off if I unplug the AC adaptor.  Which is too bad, because I loved everything else about this model.


cycle count: 75

FRU #: 93P5030, which is on the recall list, but of course I was past the warranty date


I highly doubt that a normal battery would suddenly stop working after only 75 cycles. But, since many of the Lenovo customer service centers are saying that this is normal for their batteries, let's assume that this is the typical lifespan of a battery purchased through Lenovo.  Why would I even want to purchase a $130 replacement battery if this is the case? What guarantee do I have that a new battery won't do the same thing 3 months after I buy it?  All this is leading me to believe that I'd be better off getting a cheaper brand for my next computer; my old 3 year old Dell still holds most of its charge.



Has anyone purchased or received a replacement battery through the recall? If so, did you have any problems with those batteries?


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2010-06-01, 13:43 PM



   I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. My battery (FRU 42T5251) and it was qualified for a callback/ replacement but that program has expired. It sucks because I have tried to take really good care of my battery. My battery stats are as follows:


Status: No Activity
Remaining Percentage: 77%
Remaining time: -
Remaining capacity: 39.93 Wh
Full charge capacity: 52.40 Wh
Current: 0.00A

Voltage: 15.45V
Wattage: -
Temp: 29C
Cycle count: 92


The Power Manager says my battery is in "Good" condition but it is also showing this message: "Irreparable damage to the battery has been detected. Replace the battery with a new one."



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