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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2011-01-01, 13:52 PM
Hi Mark_Lenovo, As for my previous post at the topic of " Flashing orange battery light while charge indicates 100%?" in Z- series forum. I informed I have to go to the Lenovo service Center ask for the battery recall......... However, the service guy just inform me the laptop warranty is expired. Even, I emphasized my battery (93P5029) seems is a defective product before ex-factory. And I just used it 134 counts for recharging. But, the guy also told me the recall program is also expired...................... No valuable help to me. SInce, I don't know the recall program before and I am not keeping my eye for checking the news from Lenovo website. I think there are many victims likes my case. Actually, I want to get back my battery. Because, the Li-ion battery themselves are in good condition. I think the problem is at the PCB as you said the fuse blown. Could you help us (at this forum victims also) who want to repair the battery themselves ? Could you PM me about its circuit diagram and the fuse location ? What is the value ampere of the fuse ? And the disassembly battery case method. Thanks for your help and in-advance. I look forward to waiting for your reply.

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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2011-01-14, 19:52 PM

Here is another victim. My x61 8 cell battery (model listed in the recall) died with only 37 counts (see my previous post)! The status shows the battery is full but it just cant discharge and function properly... Thinkpad "was" the sign of durable in most people's mind, including me, however, I really lost confidence in this brand this time. We are not asking to replace a misused or damaged battery caused by human errors but in fact the batteries are obviously defective (that's why there was recalls). Can Lenovo do something to deal with these unusual battery failure cases and help the unlucky victims? I look forward to your reply soon. Thank you.


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2013-10-08, 18:47 PM
I don't work for Lenovo
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