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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-09-24, 6:39 AM

Thank You!  CVN76usn


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-09-26, 8:08 AM

Dear Mark,


Based on your "tire" and "battery analogy, I have a question for you. What if someone actually purchases a LenovoX61 mainly because of better battery longevity? And, what would you do if you pay twice the money for that reason and see that your battery dies when it is just 13 months old?


This exactly happened to me! Do you think that I made a big mistake by purchasing a Lenovo? This question is really critical for me because I will buy three laptops for my brother, sister and father.


If you still say that it is perfectly normal that;


1) You may like Lenovo for better battery longevity, and need to pay twice the money for buying that Lenovo laptop ,


2)  That laptop's battery life can suddenly decrease from 6 hours to 2.5 hours after 12 months,


3) And, interestingly, without any reason, just a few days after your warranty period (12 months) ended, your battery life suddenly decreases from 2.5 hours to 15 minutes


4) Even though you purchased Lenovo because of better battery longevity and you never witnessed  such a problem when you use another brand (I used three other brands before and none of their batteries died before 12 months), Lenovo does not provide any solution for this problem if your laptop is not listed among the "recalled laptops", 


do you really expect me to buy those 3 laptops from Lenovo again? Really?? Or, do you or your colleagues think that Lenovo will earn more if I will be disappointed and purchase another battery after just 13 months rather than if I purchase 3 new laptops from Lenovo?


So what should I do now? Two choices:


1) Buy a new battery and tell everyone around you that you are disappointed with Lenovo

2) Get a replacement from Lenovo, be delighted with Lenovo's Social Media Handling, and purchase 3 new Lenovo laptops for family


If you advice me the second one, I can even send you the invoices of those 3 laptops that I will purchase very soon. I am serious.


I am looking forward to hearing your advices.








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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-09-30, 18:34 PM



Please see my PM. 


I think we all expect a battery to last more than 13 months, but my point is that by their very nature, batteries wear down, and due to variables of use and individual chemistry, some may last relatively longer than others. 


A system, sold at a given price point, has an overall value based on many design and feature points.  Different points are more or less important to different customers.  Battery life may be the most important aspect to you and if we were to extend the warranty arbitrarily on that one point, would we then extend the coverage for an HDD for the customer who then says that was the most important thing to them, or the LCD for someone else?


Certainly we would like to maintain your loyalty, goodwill and consideration of Lenovo for future purchases.


Best regards,







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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-01, 16:03 PM


The reason I am very disappointed in Lenovo is because as a registered X60 owner, I was NEVER notified of this recall. If I had been, I would have certainly have sent my battery in.


I have never heard of a product recall that was only in effect for the original warranty.


So now, one month after the recall 'expired' for my FRU, I get this Sudden Death on the battery.


Either you are recalling a failed product or you are not.


I don't have the manpower or resources to log into the forum of every manufacturer of equipment that our company uses to see if maybe there might be a sort of in warranty recall that may or may not apply to any product I use on a weekly basis.


Practices like this weigh heavily in my decision making on equipment purchases for the company I work for.


Is there any recourse available to me? Or since I logged into this forum a few weeks too late I'm stuck with failed product.


FRU 42T4507



G Pearson

Director, IT  -  Micrin


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-08, 21:42 PM

This recall is absurd. I have a battery with FRU 93P5032 which is experiencing the exact same problem as that described. I am aware that batteries degrade over time, but the car tyre analogy is just plain wrong. Yes, one can expect a car's tyres to wear out or get a flat, but one should not have to expect a battery to suddenly stop working. Rather, batteries degrade slowly over time.


After reading through the forums here, I have found at least 10 other people reporting the same problem with FRU 93P5032 - see http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/X-Series-Tablet-ThinkPad-Laptops/x61-battery-light-blinks/td-p/64265/ and http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/X-Series-Tablet-ThinkPad-Laptops/Why-is-battery-FRU-93P5032-not-included-in-the-recall/td-p/153161


Clearly this is not an isolated incident, as on these forums alone there is evidence of at least 11 cases (and possibly more - in the first thread I linked to above, there a several posts that mention the same problem but not their FRU, only that it is not covered by the recall). And what of people who haven't written about their problem? I would be surprised if the only cases with FRU 93P5032 are the ones reported here.


FRU 93P5032 should be included in this replacement program. I've convinced friends to buy from Lenovo before, but if this is going to be the company's attitude, rest assured that I will no longer promote your products, but rather I will tell people to avoid them if at all possible.


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-08, 23:04 PM



We could expect a car tyre used for 1 or 2 yrs, then change a new tyre depending on the status

But we could not expect the tyre does not "work" suddenly....


I really hope the battery has some potential possibility of unsafe, then Lenovo has to recall all these batteries.

It's not good to think in this way... But think about how much is a new battery...Almost a new NetBook


Is it possible to launch an law suit against Lenovo in Europe or North America?

I bought my laptop in China, and It's almost impossible for the customer to win this kind of case in China. Even if it's possible, I have no enought time and money to do it.



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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-13, 7:06 AM

as a greenhand ,i want to know  what is the FRU of the battery? thanks a lot.


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-25, 21:43 PM

I just found out about this recall. I have the same problem as obviously many others. My battery is not included in the offer, and yes, it failed with exactly the symptoms mentioned after about 14 months after purchase. I have no problem accepting "normal" degrading of the battery, but that it all of a sudden becomes impossible to charge the battery should not happen


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-28, 6:38 AM

I completely agree with all the comments made in this thread and other threads as indicated by sklar.


I myself went through a almost a full year of service hassle after paying nearly $2000 for this tablet. I even had to let go of the problematic Intel Turbo Memory and agreed to downgrade to XP from Vista Business at Lenovo's request. And now I come to know that I was duped even more into this selective battery recall scam ....!


I think the point is that we all trusted this new company called Lenovo to continue with the quality of products and services as offered by IBM. I think by being cheap Lenovo is making it clear that all they want is to sell a shipload of computers and maximize their profits. I do not see Lenovo caring about negative publicity (forget about customer care). But I hope that we all create enough negative publicity that Lenovo's shipload projection shrinks down to a canoe load. I am IT consultant for a few small companies and this incidence has put Lenovo in my blocked list.


Lesson learned.


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-29, 18:27 PM

I just wanted to say that the exact same thing happened to me. I have a X61, with the 8 cell high capacity, and from one day to the next, it gave me a warning about the battery, and it was unusable. I had the error message and all. Of course this happened on the 15th month, 3 months too late for the warranty to work (I have an extended warranty). Needless to say, my battery FRU number was not among the recalled ones, and even though I called Lenovo and told them I had the exact same problem, they did not budge. Lenovo, after shipping and taxes, charges over $200 for a battery. 

I have a T60, three years old, with the 9 cell battery, and it still holds almost 90% of its original capacity. It makes you wonder.


In any event, I resigned myself to the idea that I had to buy a new battery, and was going to buy a good aftermarket one, either from Battery-Biz or Duracell. However, I was able to find a new genuine Lenovo 8-cell battery on Ebay for 80 bucks. I hope that Lenovo figures out what's going on with the batteries, otherwise they are going to lose some loyal customers (I won't switch any time soon though, I am too used to TPs, and it's difficult to find a business laptop comparable to the X series).

TP Tablet 2

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