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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-11-16, 12:07 PM

Battery on my X61 tablet failed suddenly in 10/2009. Battery was manufactured 2/2008 and first used 5/2008 and only had 161 cycles. I was getting 6-7 hours battery life one day, and then suddenly battery error the next day. FRU is 93P5032 and is not being replaced free of charge by Lenovo.


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-11-17, 21:29 PM

Mark, My X60 Tablet has been barely used and doesn't have a mark on it.  I have taken great care of this machine.  I have a screen protector on it and the tablet sleeve.  I have puchased lots of accessories for it.  In all I own a T20, 2 A31s, 2 X32s, the X60 Tablet, and now a W700ds.  Last week I used my X60 Tablet.  Today I turned it on and the battery is displaying this error message.  This batter still has a max charge capacity of 51Wh.  There is no reason for this to happen when it was working perfectly.  Now I find this link.




And it says this program has ended?!  What are you going to do for ME Mark?  I have been a loyal user in the professional audio field where all my friends and collegues in show production use "THE OTHER BRAND".  You know the one I mean.  A Tablet is useless without a working battery Mark.  My main use for this tablet is to take remote control of one of my other thinkpads and mix the concert while walking around.  I am going to work tomorrow and I am SOL Mark.  How can you help me?  Have I made a huge mistake all these years?


I want to be clear as a REGISTERED OWNER of this machine and several others I was NEVER made aware there may be a problem with my battery.  A recall due to a defect in manufacture should NEVER end.  I have taken great care of my battery by setting the charge thresholds carefully and not storing it at full capacity for long periods of inactivity AS DIRECTED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS.  A battery should NOT suddenly FAIL.  I still have a T20 battery that holds a charge.  This is ridiculous!  I have half a mind to send this brand new W700ds back if this can't be resolved.  This battery is barely 2 years old.  The machine is only used a few days per month.




Error messages says A battery error has occurred, The battery cannot be charged, replace the battery. Now I have heard of planned obsolescence but this is ridiculous. What good is a tablet without a battery? The battery health was good last week. The computer sat unused for a week which happens when I'm off work. Now it is dead for no reason?

Battery stats are:
Status: No activity
Remaining percentage: 0 %
Remaining capacity: 0.00 Wh
Full charge capacity: 51.73 Wh
Current: 0.00 A
Voltage: 12.42 V
Wattage: -
Temp: 32 C
Cycle count 199
Manu name: Sanyo
Manu date: 2007-03-28
First used date: 2007-05
Bar-Code number: 1ZDA473W08BM
FRU: 42T4507
Design capacity:66.24 Wh
Design voltage 14.40 V

I have never abused this machine and I have never used a different power supply. This is not my fault?

What do I do now? $150. for a new battery for a $2300. machine does not sit well with me. I feel like I should be able to use the machine more than 200 times, but in reality some of those cycles are on the same day where it was discharged partly then put back on the charger. I don't mind the capacity slowly getting lower and lower but a complete failure is unacceptable. Lenovo, what are you going to do about this? Now I wonder if I made the right decision buying this W700ds.

W700ds 2.53 Core 2 Quad 4GB 128GB SSD 500GB 5k4 320GB 7k2 WUXGA + WXGA │ X60T 1.6duo 4GB 128GB SSD SXGA+ │ X32 2.0Pm 2GB 100GB 7k2 XGA │ X32 1.7Pm 1.5GB 120GB 5k4 XGA │ A31 2.5P4m 1GB 120GB 5k4 UXGA Flexview Atheros │ A31 2.2P4m 512MB 120GB 5k4 SXGA+ Atheros │ T20


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-11-18, 20:23 PM

My X60 Tablet battery is suffering from the same issue. It was covered under the recall but closed before I had purchased the machine. There are only 40 cycles on it and the sensor says it should still hold its full capacity, so I am very disappointed that I am now met with the battery error and inability to charge the battery.


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-11-30, 17:04 PM

Hi, I had the same problem as elad1,


Whenever the battery reaches 78%, it will drop down to 1%  in a few seconds and go hibernating. When I connect the adapter to charge the battery, it takes about half an hour to an hour  to go up to 23% (there it stays for a while), and then suddenly it reaches 100% in a sec. - exactly the same, battery can only last 30-40min.


I tried to run the battery diagnostic tool result:


"Thank you for using the Lenovo Battery Diagnostic Tool. Your battery is not eligible for replacement at this time because the diagnostic did not find any error and determined that the battery capacity is in the normal range for its age and cycle count. However, if you still believe that your battery has low capacity, you may want to take the following actions:"



I reset the battery with no change in the result. (Twice)
cycle count.        76
first used date.    2008-01
fru part no.         93p5030

but my laptop is X61 - 7673 - B54 - 8 Cell.
Mark, Can you give me some advice?

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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-12-01, 4:26 AM

Why do so many Thinkpad X60/s users write you emails about their batteries?


On a business note.  It might seem expensive for Lenovo to replace all those defective batteries.  But like the expert on public relations said today about that golfer who screwed up: he appears to be following what his lawyers are telling him and saying nothing.  The rumor mills are churning.  The golfer stands to loose big time with his endorsements.   Lenovo stands to loose big time by not recognizing there is a problem.  Two great products, two potential mistakes in public relations.


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-12-01, 18:14 PM

Battery Failure on 11/28/09


FRU 42T4507



CTO6365 XP Pro
4 GB Ram 80G HD

X60Tablet 6365CTO Win 7 250GB HDD.

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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-12-02, 16:03 PM

Failure in early November 2009 last month.


X60 Tablet PC: 63668KU



FRU p/n: 42T5206

ASM p/n: 42T5207


Failed with exactly 100 cycles


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-12-08, 20:14 PM

This is another report about battery FRU 42T4506 (I have X61 laptop, which I use in exam rooms when seeing patients) which has been acting weird lately, battery drains right away, once off the power cord, the run time on battery is less than an hour even after 100% charged. I just happened to find this posting and wanted for Lenovo to be made aware of this as well. However, it seems they are not responding; I have not seen Mark the administrator reply in a while. Does anybody have any other ideas on how to deal with this issue, aside from not buying any more products from Lenovo?


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-12-08, 23:27 PM

I feel I must pitch in my two cents on this (and I speak only of my particular case): Lenovo -is acknowledging- the problem and is taking steps to resolve it...


I am beginning to think that, as is usual in large entities, certain call centers, or support people or what not might not yet have got word of how to best deal with this, ie. word might not have percolated throughout...

... BUT I know of several folks on this forum that have received direct replies from the house and are in touch to try and mend things.-


In my particular case, Lenovo -did- follow through and did respond adequately.-

(Even when strictly outside of warranty and/or recall) ...


So credit where due.- ;)


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable to some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-12-09, 8:59 AM

I have to welcome myself in the club of a strange battery dead.

I own a x61 Tablet and the battery died within 8hours. I worked with the battery on tuesday evening without any problems and on wednesday morning the tablet wasn't able to start with the battery. I pluged in the AC-Powersupply and the power manager told me that the battery is loaded to 37%, unable to charge because of an irreparable damage and i have to replace it.


The FRU p/n is 93P5032. So the number is not on the list, but i've read a lot of post about batteries with this fru-number and problem.


It's seems that this problem isn't really based on the normal deterioration of this part.


I would be delighted if anybody from the support could give a statement about the problem.


Sorry for my (bad) english.

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