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Paper Tape
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NVME Drive for X260

Hi everyone! I've recently purchased an X260 with HDD and wanted to upgrade to the NVME SATA-E Toshiba drive. Went online and found the PCIe cable and the Toshiba drive. All is working well and speeds are on par for an NVME drive.


However, I've recently encountered BSOD in windows 10 after not actively touching the laptop for an hour or so. It would then throw an error 2100 stating that the drive cannot be found, which can be verified when jumped into the bios without hard rebooting. However, the drive would appear again after turning the laptop off and back on. I suspect that there's a firmware error causing the drive to stop responding.


I downloaded the latest nvme driver updater by Lenovo and the programme shows this.

IMG_6917.JPGNvme firmware update by lenovo

Apparently what I bought online was an engineering sample, with a much older firmware than the one Lenovo provides. The programme refused to recognise the drive and I am unable to update it. Is there anyways for me to update this drive, or anyway to try hard flashing the firmware into the drive?


Thank you!

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Re: NVME Drive for X260

Sorry I don't have an answer for your problem, but I wouldn't mind upgrading my X260 with a NVME drive... I'm still miffed that they didn't just put a M.2 slot in it, but are using this odd 2.5" format with a proprietary cable...


I wonder what other decent 2.5" NVME drives exist?

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Paper Tape
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Re: NVME Drive for X260

This is the only NVME Sata Express drive in existence. It's OEM only provided to Lenovo for the X260. No other drives exist for the SATA Express standard over NVME. 

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