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Re: New 2014 X1 Carbon owner very unhappy.

2014-08-16, 14:59 PM

I have no problem with the high resolution using Windows or Linux. Windows scales just fine, and even Ubuntu now supports high DPI displays. The crappy TN display was the only bad thing I could think of about my first generation X1 Carbon. Lenovo did a great job and finally put a glorious display in their flagship laptop.


As far as copying Apple and "destroying" the ThinkPad line, thats a bit of hyperbole. Yes, for some reason, Lenovo wants to make their flagship business laptop more of a consumer product becuse they see Apple selling millions of MacBooks to the coffee house lemmings who surf Facebook all day. Those aren't ThinkPad customers, and they are making a mistake by dumbing down the product with gimmicks like the adaptive keyboard. Apple is for lemmings. ThinkPads are for discriminating buyers who expect the best. However, the ThinkPad is far from "destroyed", and is still the best laptop on the marktet. Hopefully Lenovo listens to their customers and the next X1 will have the physical function keys back. But other than that, its still the best laptop I've ever owned.


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Re: New 2014 X1 Carbon owner very unhappy.

2014-08-16, 17:08 PM


they see Apple selling millions of MacBooks to the coffee house lemmings who surf Facebook all day.

Well, around here the coffee house lemmings are just as likely to be on their MacBooks developing for Android and iOS.  :-)


I do agree with many of the points being made in this thread. Lenovo has been throwing in gimmicks with the hope of appealing to the consumer market. They need to produce something that is relentlessly focused for business with physical ergonomics and productivity in mind.


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Re: New 2014 X1 Carbon owner very unhappy.

2014-08-24, 12:38 PM

Hi all,


Just to give my two cents...


I'm a small IT business owner and think pads are perfect for me and they are a no-nonsense professional machine with military like build quality. I've used them for the last 10 years and love them.


I was going to order some of the 2014 Carbon X1s however i really don’t like the adaptive function buttons, it’s just a gimmick. Please return the old buttons for the 2015 X1 and i will order a lot of them. 


The track pad changes i can live with, although i now wish i had bought the 2013 version, as you got most things right with that version (keyboard, trackpad etc), but the adaptive function keys kills the very reason why i like ThinkPad’s.


At least make these things a customisable option rather than forcing us to use them. I would also like to see a 1TB SSD version and 16GB of Ram. The new super high screen res is welcome however i am also not interested in touch screen. I am not bothered about cost as its relatively small fry in the grand scheme of my companies other purchases. I also would hate to be forced to buy mac book pro's because all that would happen is i would install windows and office on them to make them as good as this carbon laptop could be if you got it right in the next model. I much prefer thinkpads as it suggests business rather than  a macbook which in my mind suggests you are just surfing youtube or facebook so it gives a prefessional impression to my clients.


I think this review sums up everyone’s feelings on the 2014 carbon quite well: http://www.ultrabookreview.com/3932-lenovo-x1-caron-2014-review/ 


Do we have any info yet on what the X1 2015 Carbon could look like/feature?




Moderator note: broken link fixed.


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Re: New 2014 X1 Carbon owner very unhappy.

2014-08-28, 5:23 AM

For the record, I broke my 1st gen carbon x1 touch last month, which I loved, and needed to get a new laptop.  I would have gladly bought a 2nd gen carbon x1 last except the lack of trackpoint buttons was a complete deal-breaker.  I strongly suspected the adaptive function keys were going to be a useless and annoying pain too.


Just posting this as feedback for Lenovo: I ended up buying another gen 1. The first gen carbon x1 touch is a lovely machine - nicest one you've put out for many years. Given the great reception it got, it should not have been messed with for at least several cycles.  2nd gen should have been the same machine but with tweaks that addressed actual user feedback (better battery life comes to mind). I don't believe anybody has ever requested that the trackpoint buttons disappear or that the keyboard needed to be rearranged.....


In any case, Gen 2 is off the table for me and probably a lot of other users. If gen 3 reverts back to the original form with incremental improvements, I'll be a buyer. 


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Re: New 2014 X1 Carbon owner feedback

2014-09-02, 14:01 PM

I have the new X1 and after years of enjoying lenov products, I find the buttons on the trackpad very close to unusable.  I have reverted to using an external mouse which is a real disappointment.  

Please revert to the regular mouse buttons so I can sell this unit and get back to a usable laptop.


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Re: New 2014 X1 Carbon owner feedback

2014-09-18, 0:43 AM

Can't wait for the 2015 revisions.  If all else fails, I might as well get a 2015 Mac Pro.




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Re: New 2014 X1 Carbon owner very unhappy.

2014-09-18, 19:09 PM
Lenovo has let a lot of people down but they don't seem to care so it's time to move to a new product.

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(THE SOLUTION: FuncFix gives you F1-F12 hotkeys) re: New 2014 X1 Carbon owner very unhappy.

2014-10-21, 22:58 PM

A BAND-AID SOLUTION: FuncFix. It gives you hotkeys for F1-F12 (and more e.g. PrScr, Ins, Del). Just press RightShift + NumberKey to activate.



This is a tool I made in my own repeat frustration of ALL our same X1 issues. Then I realized I might be able to lower a lot of peoples blood pressure if I shared it. So, I made it user-friendly, customize-able, and a cinch to execute.


I would appreciate your suggestions & feedback



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Re: New 2014 X1 Carbon owner very unhappy.

2014-10-22, 10:54 AM

I wouldn't say I'm very unhappy - more slightly disappointed.


I got my X1 (2ng Gen) in early September. i7, 256 GB SSD, touch screen (20A7 model). It was a replacement or the Thinkpad Yoga, which I ended up returning due to the screen image retention issue (along with other issue - see My experience with TPY).


My first impressions were (and for the most part still are) this is a nice little machine. It is fast, light and the image clarity and keyboard are really good; however, this machine too has suffered problems.


About two weeks after I got it it suffered a "power cycle fault (apparently a known issue). I called support and they were great. Lenovo made arrangements for an on-site service call (not part of my warranty) to have the motherboard replaced. Two days later I was back up. Computer fan seemed to run more often than before but I was operational again.


Next came some wifi issue. it seemed that the wifi card was not being recognized sporadically upon bootup and I would have to disable and re-enable the driver to get the wifi working. More driver updates and it seems to have settled, but happened again yesterday.


At home I us the dock and an external monitor (with some use at work) and have started noticing image retention around the outer edges (approximately 1 cm). It isn't as bad as the TPY, but given the screen has only been used approximately 50 hrs I'm concerned.




Sadly I have also suffered a BSOD - watchdog_violation.


So... It looks like this too will be going back.


I am disappointed.


I love the concept of the OneLink.


Keyboard is great. Size and weight of the computer is just right. Lenovo support has been very good (they even offered to check over the computer after the motherboard was replaced and the fan was running more than before and the ThinkPad red dot on the keyboard deck was no longer working).




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Re: New 2014 X1 Carbon owner very unhappy.

2014-10-25, 8:57 AM

I have been very unhappy with my X1 Carbon as well.  Until recently... 


I just posted a new thread on how I resolved my Adaptive Keyboard issues.  At first I was just going to reply to each of these "Bad Adaptive Keyboard" threads, but there are a ton of threads. I thought it would be more helpful to just start a new post and reply with a simple link to my indepth explorations.


Ultimately I found 2 ways to alleviate much of the unhappiness I experienced with the X1 2014 

(1) Buy the $80 Thinkpad KT-1255 keyboard, OR

(2) install a hotkey script. 


My list of pros/cons for each of the 2 solutions: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/X-Series-ThinkPad-Laptops/SOLVED-How-I-resolved-my-X1-2014-frustrations-AKA-quot-Why/td-p/1770141

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