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Fanfold Paper
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New SSD for X301

Hello everybody,

I'd like to replace my factory SSD Samsung with an Intel;

I found these :


Intel SSDSA1MH160G1 X18-M 1.8"

Intel SSDSA1M160G2GN 1.8"


Could you tell me which one should be the best solution for X301 2776-LFG manufactured on March 2009?



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Re: New SSD for X301

Hey Riddick,


The only SSD that Lenovo says you can have with your X301 is Thinkpad 256GB FDE SSD Part # 43N3417 which I found from a compatibility guide.


The psref for your X301 the link below:


64GB, 80GB, or 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

1.8" wide, 8mm high, removable, upgradable, shock mounted storage


So both your choices will fit into your slot but from the reviews you could go ether way but I suggest the first one.


Best Regards,





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Fanfold Paper
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Re: New SSD for X301

Thank you Hiro.
Punch Card
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Re: New SSD for X301



there aren't a lot of 1.8" SSD's around. and as you probably know, they are priced much higher than their comparably sized 2.5" versions.


I know as I have a T400s which also uses 1.8" drives.  I currently have a HDD in the unit and was considering an SSD.  


In the T400/T500 forum there is a discussion:  "T400s upgrade to SSD" in which one owner of an X301, ThorsHammer, writes:  "I just bought a new Intel Series 320 160GB SSD for my X301.  It's working great so far."


I googled  "Intel 320 Series 1.8"  and they are available though not cheap.  Checking Amazon, searching "Intel 320 series" you'll find the 2.5" versions.


Note: In looking around I did find on Amazon that Kingston makes:

Kingston SSDNow V+180 128GB Micro SATA II 3GB/S 1.8 Inch Solid State Drive SVP180S2/128G

and one person with a T400s installed this SSD in their laptop (he mentions this in his review of the product). there is also a 256GB version also on Amazon.


oh I did just find the Intel 320 Series 160GB 1.8 version on amazon but you have to search using: SSDSA1NW160G301 to find it.


hope this helps.   I decided that since I may upgrade to a X1 Carbon (as we eventually will find out more about what SSD format is used in this laptop) that if anything I'm going to put a drive (SSD or HDD) in my ultrabay slot which can utilize 2.5" drives.


good luck. hope this helps.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: New SSD for X301

Ciao Archie7,


I appreciate your help, I just googled the 320 series and as you told they are quite expensive.

I decided I will be stand to my first choice, that is an Intel SSDSA1MH160G1 X18-M 1.8" found on ebay.

I hope I did the right choice.


Thank you again.


Punch Card
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Re: New SSD for X301

You chose wisely.


I've owned the X18 and X25 MLC and SLC's since 2009  and the X18 is fast enough to outpace your SATA controller.

Ensure you have the latest firmware revision, especially before setting any HDD passwords because Intel SSD's with earlier firmware's would irrepairably brick.


Not to impugn eBay, however any secondary dealer of used or new equipment may or may not have accurately described the components condition intentionally or otherwise.


I'm assuming you're installing Windows7 ? If not, beware of the fact X18's don't include firmware based SSD "TRIMMING" and rely upon the OS to do so, also ensure you properly align the partitions for peak performance.


Numerous references to these factors abound across the web unless you choose to return here to ask those questions.

Let us know what happened,and share your solutions so others may benefit from our experiences. "It doesn't really matter what kind of computers I own since right now the conversation is about the problems on the computers that YOU OWN!" -Mark Twain
Fanfold Paper
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Re: New SSD for X301

I guess you are right about eBay.

But buying directly from primary seller is very expensive, at least for 1.8-inch drive.

I feel like I have been fooled;

at the time when I purchased X301 never thought about such as lotta money to replace my SSD.

My fault, I admit.

2.5-inch are cheaper and I really do not know what to do for I care about this little beatiful machine.

I guess I will make room in my SSD so I will resolve the problem.


Thank you again.


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