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New X1 Carbon 4th Gen - Damaged Mouse Button

I just recently got my 6th Thinkpad, a 4th Gen X1 Carbon. Out of the box the left mouse button did not feel right, it would not click properly. So I took it off to see that the fragile plastic that holds it in place was completely smashed so that it would not operate properly. I called tech support and they claimed they would send me a replacment piece immediately so that I could place it on myself and be happily on my way. Now a week later I have recieved nothing and I call back and they act like they have no idea what I'm talking about, and tell me I will have to send the machine in to be fixed. 


It is so frustrating that they sent it from the factory with this issue, but to screw up the support like this makes it so much worse. 


I have been a very satisfied Thinkpad customer over the years, but this really has me thinking about finding a new brand.


Rant over. Thanks

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Re: New X1 Carbon 4th Gen - Damaged Mouse Button

I believe the fix for your issue requires the entire ClickPad assembly, FRU 00JT861, to be replaced. The Hardware Maintenance Manual says this requires removal of the base cover, speakers and battery - so not a vast amount of stripping down, but more than the average customer is likely to be comfortable with. If I was carrying out this repair, I'd be tempted to renew the ClickPad bracket, FRU 00JT862, at the same time because I believe that is the only way of renewing the sponge tape onto which the ClickPad is mounted.


You need to work with Lenovo to arrange repair of replacement of your computer. If you have an on-site warranty, this issue should be easily fixed with minimum disruption. If you only have a depot warranty, that gets more awkward.

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