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Blue Screen Again
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New X201: Bad first impression! the webcam plastic housing is bent!

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Just got my new X201 and the webcam plastic housing is bent.... brand new out of the box. It sucks.


I called customer service, was on hold for more than 10 minutes and when an representative from India answered she couldn't hear me, so she hung up. I called my sales rep, who of course couldn't do anything and said to call Tech Support. All they could do is give me a case # and transferred me to customer service... again. Now 24 minutes on hold... still waiting.


This is my first Lenovo. What a crappy first impression.


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Re: Bad first impression!

okay, what time of the day did you call Lenovo customer service?

Jin Li

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Bad first impression!

I don't recall the specific time of day that I called Customer Service, but it would have been between 8AM-5PM central time.


It took twice as long to get a replacement and although the machine is working fine, I discovered last week that the splitter for the combo AC/DC adapter doesn't work. So I called support again and was connected to Atlanta in a timely manner. However the representative said the item was out of warranty and needed "proof" of when I purchased it. Gimme a break! I just bought the dang thing.


I've owned a number of laptops over the years, Dell, Sony, Gateway and now Lenovo. So far they have been the most difficult to deal with at every step.



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Re: Bad first impression!


Did the support staff manage to assist you? If you are still having issues, please provide me with the following and I will assist you to log a complaint ticket for the team to assist you. Please provide me the following via PM.

Model Type:
Serial Number:
Date of Purchase:
Case # if have:

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Bad first impression!

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Lenovo just keeps on giving.


My account has been turned over to a collection agency for the defective computer that I returned using the label provided by Lenovo! All they had to do is check the UPS Tracking info to see that it was delivered.


Let's see... Defective computer, bad customer service, slow exchange... Defective accessories, bad customer service, slow exchange... Defective shipping and receiving, bad customer service... I think there is a pattern here.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Bad first impression!

Don't feel bad, Dell is sending me threatening letters for a similar exchange fiasco, though I really don't care since I work for a company with really good lawyers.


And while I would hate to sound like I'm bashing Lenovo, I'm in your boat when it comes to customer satisfaction with Lenovo. 'm a returning customer who was never satisified with my first purchase and thought  Lenovo would make it right on the second purchase. It didn't happen. I'm still on the lookout for the perfect laptop from the perfect laptop manufacturer. I don't think I'll find one, but I'll be happy if I get close.

Punch Card
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Re: Bad first impression!

I second that, I've just got my X201 back from the repair shop for the second time. The wireless still cuts out randomly and now it is sporting a crack in the plastic on the wrist-rest. The repair report states they didn't replace anything and re-installed the drivers (as if I haven't tried this and even their support remotely did this). By checking the logs, the computer was only on 8 hours even though it was with them for 4 days and didn't seem to be doing much in that time. I had to take a half day from work to collect it from DHL office because they will only deliver 9-5 mon-fri and not give a time. What a joke.

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