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No audio over HDMI [Thinkpad x1 carbon 2014 (20A7)] [Windows 10]



I have a thinkpad X1 carbon 2014 (20A7) and its not playing audio over HDMI, I have tried the following:


1. Uninstall and reinstall display and audio drivers, this did not help. (although after i uninstall the display drivers i do get the option to play audio over HDMI in windows playback dialog box, otherwise i dont get any option for it to play audio over HDMI in that section) (also note i propperly uninstalled my display drivers using DDU, still no help). i also used an older version of the display divers, it did not help.


2. I used 2 HDMI cables and 2 TVs, still nothing.


3. you may think my laptop is faulty at this point but no, i booted into ubuntu and it worked fine without any issue, flawless audio playback without a hitch.



Q: is it just the audio or the video is not working too.

A: Just the audio, video is fine.


Q: Is your tv being detected by the device manger.

A: yes, but as a generic monitor, the tvs name dosent show up.

Q: Have you tried turning it off and on again.

A: Yes, several times


Q: Have you reinstalled windows recently?

A: Yes, i reinstalled about 2 weeks ago, before that it worked fine (although it has been a year since i used audio over HDMI)

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