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Paper Tape
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Nomal battery life for x270 - internal battery

I finally upgraded from the X201 to X270. 

This is a refurbished mahcine from lenovo.


My internal battery discharges very fast. I ran through the utilities. I was on for 2.5 hours surfing with Google Chrome and only had 20% left. Is this normal? 

If not, I will need to buy an extended battery. My X201 lifespan is much better.

Token Ring
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Re: Nomal battery life for x270 - internal battery

if you need that much mobile use, get 2 or 3 batteries which can be swapped out as needed


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Re: Nomal battery life for x270 - internal battery

What's normal depends on which battery it came with and how used they are.
you can see the size and wearlevel for the battery in lenovo companion (or will be able to soon if that feature isn't there yet).

The x270 platform specification document is a god place to read how long runtime you can get:

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