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Parts question

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I seem to respond more to postings by others than starting one of my own, but I've got a question regarding parts that shipped with my system.


I recently obtained a great little X61 which works wonderfully, no problems at all, in fact it's exceeded my expectations in all respects - particularly the display itself. This is where my question leads. Is there a way to find out what make the screen is on this little piece of wonder ... short of taking the thing apart to see what part number it is?


- I've checked the online method using Lenovo's  online tool ("parts that shipped with the system" ). Based on my systems type (7675) and serial number, the online listing shows no indication of a part number regarding the monitor.

- I downloaded PCWizard 2008 - it only lists the monitor as "LEN4000"

- also tried  Everest, but it also lists the monitor as "LEN4000". ...


Some people have asked me what make the panel is, because side-by-side comparisons with T61's, this thing outshines all others in terms of view angles, contrast, brightness and color rendering... But I can't figure out what make this "LEN4000" panel is.


Any thoughts what LEN4000 is, and any other ideas on getting the part number for the panel shipped in this little beauty?




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