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Please allow X1 Extreme BIOS to disable cores! / X1C6 BIOS to disable HT!

As someone who purchased the 6-core variant of the X1E, I expected to have the ability to toggle off some cores to conserve battery life.


While using SpeedStep and throttling down is generally sufficient, there are use cases where I would explicitly want my 8850H to behave more like the i5-8400H and use only 4 of its cores.


This is clearly possible, as the BIOS has an option to both disable HT entirely and disable all cores but one. The latter is not really feasible in modern day computing and being able to drop down to 4 of its 6 cores (and sometimes even 2) would be incredibly useful.


(I would also like to suggest having the option to disable cores, but more importantly HyperThreading [especially in a post-Spectre/Meltdown world] on my X1 Carbon 6th Gen, to allow the machines to behave like a 7th Gen Kaby Lake U.)

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