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Please help in laptop selection

Hi, I bought a X1E a month ago. It is almost perfect but the fan noise drives me crazy even I have spent a lot of time to try to reduce the noise. I returned it. Now, I am looking for another laptop. Here are the requirements:


- silent or almot silent (don't hear the noise if on the same table) when watching full-screen 4K youtube videos on an external 4K TV

- weight 1.8kg max. The ligher the better.

- RAM 16 or 32GB. 

- 1TB nvME SSD (ideally two SSDs)

- 6+ hours battery life doing productivity Office work, surfing the web and watching some youtube videos. (8+ hours would be nice but if it satisfies other requirements, I just carry an adapter when I need to use it for a long time.)

- LCD screen resolutions above FHD

- ideally silver color. I don't dislike black but my X1E has ugly finger prints and palm prints near the trackpad area. After presentation, I see marks of saliva all over the keyboard surrounding area.

- linux compatible

- if possible, eGPU compatible under linux


Being silent or almost silent (fans on but can't hear it on the same table) is very important.


Any sugestion is appreciated. Thanks

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