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Possible bad update corrupted external display

Hi,  I'm experiencing a problem with my X61.  Today (17 October 2008) after lunch I undocked my thinkpad to take it to a meeting and when I returned and redocked it, I found that the external display no longer worked properly.  I run a 21" analog CRT display and now the image is not centered and is all wiggly and jumpy - the laptop display is fine.  I have tried plugging the monitor into both the docking station and directly into the thinkpad monitor plug and the problem occurs either way.  I have tried an LCD monitor and it didn't even manage to display any image (I think the old CRT must be helping here). This is not a problem with my monitor (I've now tried several others), nor my cables nor my monitor settings. I have done exactly this with my thinkpad on numerous occasions and this has never happened before.


I noticed that windows pushed out an update at lunchtime today so I have tried restoring to a point before this most recent update however after it has completed doing its restore and rebooted, I get a message saying that the restore operation was unsuccessful.  I have tried going to the oldest restore point I have (I only seem to have about 5 available which is very strange) but the result is the same.


I have called customer support but they were unable to offer me a satisfactory solution (they offered to rebuild the thing from scratch - only as a last resort thanks very much).  But the guy said that they had heard of some issues occurring in the last couple of days.  I hope he is correct as I am a little concerned that it might be a problem with the graphics adaptor.


Has anyone else experienced this problem lately or does anyone know the solution?






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