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Blue Screen Again
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Power bank / portable charger and X1C (6th gen)

Has anyone tried this or have a story to tell about power banks?

My relatively new X1C does quite poorly on battery if I'm doing real work, e.g. compiling and running apps with Visual Studio & SQL Server.  Fiddling with the battery settings doesn't make that much of a difference so I thought why not carry a brick with me when on the road?


I'm just starting to look into it but real stories from real users are just so much better than generic 'reviews' or hidden adverts that have become all too commonplace in the last few years.

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Re: Power bank / portable charger and X1C (6th gen)

I have a 26800mAh power bank from an australian retailer called kogan but really anything that supports USB C power delivery should work fine. That capacity will easily change the laptop from zero to 100% at least once and really improves my overall endurance and its not obnoxiously heavy, charges with the same power cable aswell which is nice. I would suggest finding something that can do at least 45w to play it safe and some decent C to C cables, i have the belkin 1m USB 3.1 Gen 2/TB3 cables.

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Re: Power bank / portable charger and X1C (6th gen)

I use the Lenovo 14000 mAh USB-C Laptop Power Bank 40AL140CWW which is compatible with the X1C6. It's compact and in addition to a short USB-C cable comes with a nice USB-C to ThinkPad Slim Tip ower adapter so you can also power Slim Tip-powered Thinkpads. There is also a version G0A3140CWW which comes with a round-tip adapter, the even older ThinkPad connection. Both will power ThinkPads which run with up to 65W power adapters.


Hope this helps!

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