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Problems with wifi-adapter in X1 Extreme

I recently purchased an X1 Extreme laptop, 20MF000URT modification.


During two days of work, a flaw emerged - an unstable wifi connection.


For some time it was stable, sometimes - very slow, periodically disappeared completely.
Sometimes it looked like long waiting for a response from a site, finally ending with connection lost.


On sites that test the quality of connection (for example,

I saw that the median ping oscillates around 100 milliseconds. This is when the connection existed.

On my old Thinkpad W520 laptop, the median ping was 3 milliseconds.


I did not find a solution for the problem on the net. The inability to find wifi network nearby was reported more often.


I also installed all the Windows updates and all the ThinkVantage updates - it did not help.

For the purity of the experiment, I dropped the computer to its original state and checked again - the problem remained.


As a result, I had to return the laptop to the online store (called Lenovo Shop (their website - - says that this is the official Lenovo online store in Russia). At the moment the situation is not clear. I will keep you updated.

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Re: Problems with wifi-adapter in X1 Extreme

I can only suggest the obvious: Check your router settings and compatibility. Download the latest driver that is, I believe,

Punch Card
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Re: Problems with wifi-adapter in X1 Extreme

Did you open the laptop at all, mess with anything inside? I opened mine up to repaste, and noticed something similar happen afterwards. I would sometimes have a super slow connection, or no connection at all when the laptop was flat on the table, but if I picked it up, excellent connection. I opened it back up and noticed that tugging on the network cables would cause the sudden disconnect. I re-seated the cables and made sure everything was tight and it's been excellent ever since.

Seems like there's just some bad QC with the network cables, so you might want to check that out.

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