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Protective film layer on ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch models

by on ‎01-03-2013 10:15 AM (23,006 Views)


I just unpacked my new ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch and noticed that it appears as though the screen has a protective plastic film affixed to it.  It is most noticeable around the mic and cam, where holes appear to exist.


I can't find any documentation saying that this should be removed, and it's not easy to pry the sheet off at the corners (in fact, I've had zero luck, but haven't tried much because I don't want to damage anything). Do I keep trying to pry the sheet off or assume it's part of the design?  



There is a protective film layer that covers the display and should not be removed.  


This extends over the viewing area and stops about 1/32" from the edge.   There are circular reliefs around the camara and two microphone ports at the top of the screen where this layer can also more easily be seen.


x1 carbon touch film.jpg

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But, Mark_Lenovo -- this screen protector creates a very undesirable 'screen door effect' that makes it quite uncomfortable to read text on a white background (i.e., 90% of all internet browsing).   Can anything be done to retrofit another type of screen protector on the LCD to reduce the screen door effect that really hobbles the user experience on this otherwise top-tier laptop?



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I agree with Jon's comment, the film makes the display look blurry and it puts significant stress on my eyes, Even though the Carbon is a great laptop, I'm hesitant to recommend it because of this "protective film" on the display. It would be good if removing it was supported, I don't mind about the glare, readability is the main issue for me and as it is right now, is not good.





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Mark, why then non-touch X1 doestn has this filming if it was added to "touch" for protective purposes?

For me that filming affects the screen negatively

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With all the complaints on the screen door effect, why was this ignored and the problem rolled to the X1 Carbon 2nd gen? The problem persists and ruin the point of high def screens! It's hard on the eyes and make you think something is wrong with your eyes or the computer.

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Mark, please advise if there is any recourse with regards to this problem?


Apparently the latest X1s do not have the protective film that the 2013 models have.

Indication that Lenovo have acknowledged this problem.


I now have a screen wit ha half-peeled screen film.


Please advise.


Cotnacting Lenovo support in the UK is absolutely impossible.




lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor

The latest Thinkpad x1 carbon gen 2 does have the film if you get the WQHD with touch, the non touch model is a standard matte LCD. 

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@lead_org: That is not true. I have the 20A7-005RGE an it has a film on the display. You can see it on top of the screen around the camera. One of my customers have the gen1 touch and the effect is much much stronger than on the gen2, But it's there too !! Trust me !! I'm in front of it right now.....!

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This film is unbelievably frustrating. I am switching jobs and chose to stay with the T440s under my new employment, although I had to get a new laptop. This time I chose to go with the touchscreen version, only to now see a film that causes graininess across my entire screen. I am coming from a T440s non-touchscreen with the AUO display (got lucky with that one) and that picture quality is exactly what I was wanting. I am highly disappointed in this unremovable film and will certainly be calling in regarding this.


Is there any way to completely and safely remove it? I get the sense it is no more important to the screen than say a Zagg screen protector would be, IE touchscreen wll work perfectly fine without it, etc. Very frustrating as screen protectors like this ALWAYS cause some kind of disruption in the picture quality and I never saw mention of this film in any of the reviews I read about the touchscreen of this laptop.

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This is truly irritating.  I had a gen 1 X1C (no touch) and my IT dept just ordered me a Gen 2 X1CT.  They thought they were doing me a favor, but I hate it.  The screen is blurry.  It is awful.   I don't need a touch screen (nor do I really want one  - three if my colleagues have them (X1CT)  and don't use the touch feature). My IT dept just spent 4 hours transferring all my programs and files over and as we pay them by the hour, I now will have to pay them to do it again if I exchange the laptop plus pay handling/restocking fees. 


What would happen if I peel off the plastic cover?




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I have a touch T440s from early 2014 which I peeled the protective cover off. It works just as well as before with respect to touch. The downside is that now it is very reflective, the upside is that it is very clear, text appears sharply defined. Also the screen does not get easily greased anymore.


It was a tough job to get it off though, I had to pull pretty hard. It took half an hour of constant pulling and heating with a hair dryer, releasing a couple of millimeters per pull. I was pretty afraid it would break. There were no residue of glue afterwards, I just cleaned it with some soap water. But the result is very pleasing to me, I'm glad I did it.

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X1 could have been PERFECT if not for this idiotic anit-glare film, and the more idiotic touchkeys and messing about with placement of Backspace/Delete, etc...


@Mark, WHY in the world Lenovo would put such an aggressive film on a really high-def screen? It COMPLETELY DEFEATS the purpose of the high-res, as the film totally distors text and images and makes everything look grainy, SPECIALLY on anything with white background.


Lenovo MUST offer a replacement protective film with less gaininess, I am the buyer for one of your largest coporate clients in the world and I am recommending NOT to get these laptops, compared to incredible sharp Surface Pro3 screens or similar options.



Blue Screen Again

I also have an x1c touch screen 2gen and that film is killing my eyes.. Please FIX IT!!

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Has anyone tried to remove / replace it?
What results?

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**bleep**, what a thread and... what a dissapointment!  I am having the same issue on the T550.. extremely sticky, hard plastic film, hard to remove gently so I just left it for now.

The advantages of the IPS screen are almost completely undone by that darn protection film.  I had bad experiences in screen quality with and much better ones without this film, especially I have a good 'eye' for that kind of things... Smiley Wink

Furthermore, touchscreens have a anti-fat coating.  With the screen film, all the fat is just sticking on it and it's hard to remove nullifying the advantages of it's design.


I know from all my Asia trips, that every electronics with screen I buy, they always wanted to put that screen protector on it.  The power of automatic habit I guess....  Had it once, had it twice ... and each time, when removed, the image quality was always SUPERIOR without the protector film... Smiley Mad


If there is some kind of procedure to do it properly, I'd be the first one to try... Smiley Happy

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I'm using a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon gen 3 - what a tongue twister of a name - and removed the (idiotic) protective film from my screen without issue. So far, so good. Total process took me about 30 minutes.


To remove the film, I used a sharp blade to lift the corner of the protective film, then wedged a credit card underneath to loosen the film.


I was nervous the entire time, but you'd have to be super zealous to screw up your screen. Handle the removal slow and steady; at certain spots, the film just pulls off.


Ensure the screen's casing stays intact. At one point it got separated a little, and I just snapped it back together. Scary!


When I removed the film, I used a lens wipe to clean the surface. I didn't have an issue with any stray adhesive, possibly because I've had this laptop for awhile?

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This notebook is the biggest disapointment from Lenovo. I always had thinkpads, but having a screen with some film on it... I just don't have words. I should have boutht Dell XPS. Well next time it will go with Dell or Gigabyte AERO.

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@ji12345 - it stinks that the ThinkPad X1 Carbon come with a crummy screen protector - hopefully the latest versions don't have that. If you still have yours, take some time to carefully remove the protector, it's worth it.


I'm still using my gen 3 X1 Carbon today!