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Serial Port
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Recommendations for X200 owners

We purchased a few LENOVO Thinkpads X200.

We all thought they were fantastic machines: fast (but cool to the touch...), light, great display....


Unfortunately ALL our X200 has stability issues. They would lock up many times per day (no BSOD, but the OS would be completely unresponsive). We saw some errors regarding the power manager but nothing that should make these machines so unstable.

Typically, the X200, when many application were open, would suddenly become VERY slow, the light of the HD would be glowing solid, and when it would shut down, the X200  was "frozen", the task manager would not even respond. We had to force shut down to use them (Power button depressed for 5 seconds to shut down)


We found the 2 following solutions and all the X200 we updated with these are now rock solid:

. update to Power Manager 1.45 (you can download it from the LENOVO web site, curiously, it was not showing up in System Update)

. update to INTEL  Storage Manager 8.5: also not showing on ThinkVantage System Update. You can download it from the INTEL web site. Curiously, some of our X200 did not come with INTEL Storage Manager at all, do not know why, but this update has solved all the last issues we were having.


Hope it helps






Punch Card
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Re: Recommendations for X200 owners

I appreciate this information Ballallaz, you are saying that the updates have to be downloaded manually? Maybe one of the admins can let someone in IT know as there might be a lot of people out there affected who don't know why. 
Punch Card
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Re: Recommendations for X200 owners

Ballallaz -


Thanks for the information.  Could you give us a little more information?  What OS?  How much memory?  What apps? Any particular app a problem?



Serial Port
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Re: Recommendations for X200 owners

We use Windows XP SP3 (32) with Office 2007, 2GB RAM, 160GB HD. P8600 processor, Intel Wireless 5100

These laptop are for mobile users and they use primarly Internet Explorer, Outlook/Word/Excel/PowerPoint 2007.

These crashes were happenning randomly and we could not trace them to a particlar application.

Since we applied all these updates, not a single X200 has crashed...  


Intel Storahe Managaer 8.5 can be downloaded here:


ThinkVantage Power Manager 1.45 here:








Paper Tape
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Re: Recommendations for X200 owners

Do you have the turbo memory option?  Are you running ready boost?


Serial Port
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Re: Recommendations for X200 owners

Nope, nothing like that, our X200 have XP
Punch Card
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Re: Recommendations for X200 owners

I have Windows XP installed on my X200 and have never had such problems.  I do a lot of tedious work on mine too, like heavy photo rendering, video encoding for several hours, and lots of Adobe stuff like: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.  The only problem I had was with the wireless adapter (Intel 5300). I had to find the driver on the Intel website because Lenovo Update didn't have it listed.  Some other issues I found with XP were:


Volume buttons would not function properly after coming out of sleep mode.  They would still work but the buttons would not function as they should.  A restart of the laptop will fix it (appears to be a software issue).  So far no other issues have arised and everything else is working as it should.


When I had the system under Vista, it would freeze up often.  The only solution I found to fix this problem was to turn of Intel ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive.  I know this will defeat the purpose of purchasing Intel Turbo Memory, but having it on was causing more problems than helping.  Maybe in the future Intel will fix this problem or Lenovo will with a BIOS update of some sort.


Dispite these minor issues, the X200 is the BEST ultraportable laptop I have ever used.  Powerful, Light, and Awesome.

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