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What's DOS?
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Repair parts wanted... X24 hinge screws.

Yep, a total newbie here.  Use a T61P for desktop and portable... before a T40p (and I don't remember the one before that , LOL). 


So, got my hands on a slightly damaged X24 from a corporate recylce pile, I would LOVE to put it to use as an internet surfboard, and possibly streaming music source.  It's an amazing little pad.


I'm looking for hinge screws that fasten the hinge on to the LCD screen.


I need the screws that hold the screen to part (2, the hinges) in the image here:


Where would I find out if that part (#2) includes the screws, or if the screws are available separately?


Thank you.

Paper Tape
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Re: Repair parts wanted... X24 hinge screws.

Lenovo sent me a whole bag full of screws for free two years ago.  I was unhappy with the Intel WiFi minicard that came with my X60 so I bought an Atheros card.  The Lenovo installation instructions say that you should not re-use the screws that were there originally.  So I called Lenovo/IBM customer service, and they sent me a bag full of screws.  Actually seven bags.  I would describe them as follows with the length of the threaded portions:

1. black flat phillips head 1/8"

2. black pan phillips head 3/16"

3. black pan phillips head 1/4"

4. black slotted head 1/8"

5. silver phillips head 1/8"

6. silver phillips flat head 1/4"

7. silver jackscrews 1/4" 

It says on the outer bag FRU No. 41V9754

You probably need to find the maintenance manual for the X24 and see what the FRU number is for the bag of screws.

If you want to try some of these screws, and if this web site supports private messages, then send me a private message. 



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Re: Repair parts wanted... X24 hinge screws.

Is it Heddy or Hedly? 

LOL (Clown)

Anyway, download the HMM for your system here and you'll see that it lists the size of every screw used in your X24. Best place to get them is your local hobby shop, they'll be only pennies.

Full disclosure, I don't work for Lenovo.
James at Thinkpads dot com

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