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What's DOS?
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Replacement screen for x200 thinkpad,

Excuse me, can I use a higher resolution 1400x900 screen in place of my 1200x800 existing thinkpad x200 screen issues free? My screen is heathy and is working fine, I just need to know if such option exists as there are screens out there with higher resolution claiming to be suiteable for a x200 lenovo. 


Would such a switch cause hardware damage to the system?



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Re: Replacement screen for x200 thinkpad,

Hey stelyians,


Yes I will add the link to type of monitor you need which is 1440x900:


The one listed above and your 1280x800 are the only ones lenovo recommends as LCD replacements.


Best Regards,



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What's DOS?
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Re: Replacement screen for x200 thinkpad,

Hello Hiro,

Would the oposite be possible as well?

I have a x200s with a 1440x900 screen which stopped working (I think it's the backlight LED).

As the 1440x900 screen is pretty expensive for a 3 years old laptop, I was wondering if a lower resolution screen would fit as replacement.

Are the connectors and form factor and everything else compatible?

What would be the FRU for a compatible 1280x800 screen?


Thank you,


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Re: Replacement screen for x200 thinkpad,

It is easier to downgrade a stronger video card to lesser LCD like you're proposing than trying to upgrade weaker cards to better panels.


Nothing is certain in Lenovo land and there are numerous instances of undocumented features like systems that can accept more RAM than you'd believe.


A good reference for your model is the ITWbook and HMM but just glancing through ITW it seems all the x200s have the Intel GMA4500 video card and if the same card equips the entire line, your question may be easily answered for downgrade clearance.


The HMM (2nd link serves as the reference for assembly / disassembly)


Personally, I'd skip the swap and just buy a used x200 to replace or provide what I need, the prices have declined and marginally more expensive than a used LCD and I hate replacing LCD's in any fashion.



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Re: Replacement screen for x200 thinkpad,

Hi. Im from argentina. I have a x200 motherboard and x201t display. Do you know if they are compatible? my mail is *. Please contact me.


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