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Serial Port
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RnR takes ages to complete on X300

Hello everybody,

I have an X300 with the whole set of TVT tools installed. The backup of my system with the RNR 4.21.0016 takes many hours to complete, no matter if I use DVD or USB HD as target. Also the restore of individual files takes very long (73 MB more then 1 hour!!!). I used RNR also on other Thinkpads and never had this issue before. Any ideas somebody?



Paper Tape
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Re: RnR takes ages to complete on X300

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Same here, this software is a disaster, I've stopped using it: I was usually stopping it after 15-20 hours (I have the 60Go SSD) and it wasn't finished backing up (...)


Lenovo really need to fix this.

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Paper Tape
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Re: RnR takes ages to complete on X300

yea it even hangs in vista when trying to delete old backups on my external USB + internal hdd
Serial Port
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Re: RnR takes ages to complete on X300


I created the backup DVD set first thing, but it was such a time consuming process with no feedback, I was concerned that the disks were useless.   I went ahead and bought the $45 set just in case.  Then I backed up to an external HD, but that was not very satisfying either.  With my previous Sony, it was so easy to get a restore point using Windows XP - but with my wonderful Lenovo Rescue and Recovery, Windows restore points do not work. 


I wish someone would give us a detailed description of how to format the solid state disk, install the OS from scratch, and find a bunch of third-party drivers to replace all the sh___ that Lenovo calls software.  Especially the useless Ultranav touchpad driver.



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