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Fanfold Paper
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Rough Start for new X1 Extreme Owner

I work for a corporation whose corporate machines are all Lenovos. We have a ton of Thinkpad X1 Carbons that are used by various staff, and I quite liked them. This led me to spec out an X1 Extreme for my own personal use.


I received the laptop about 3 weeks ago, and I have struggled in keeping the temp down. Even after undervolting successfully with throttlestop, I could never get to not pin the CPU when plugged in AC. It would behave just fine when on battery, but I often RDP into my laptop and thus usually keep it plugged in,.. and this caused the heat to increase and the fans to roar. I know others have been successful in repasting.. but I was hoping the undervolt would have been more successful. Others on this forum claimed to have success with a fresh clean install of I considered it.. but I keps on having some WiFi issues that I wanted to solve first...

First, I would never get consistent speeds.. one speed test run would yield speeds north of 300 Mb/s.. another run a few minutes later would sturggle to even hit 20 Mb/s.


Eventually the Wi-Fi would stop working period. Opening up the Device Manager would often show a yellow warning symbol next to the Intel 9560 WiFi adapter with a Code 10 error message. Sometimes a reboot would help, but the majority of the times I had to use my backup Asus USB WiFi adapter.


Then, the 9560 disappeard completely from the Device Manager and nothing I did would allow me to get it back. This also meant I lost my Bluetooth capabilties too. I don't know for certian, but it seemed to occur at the exact same time I put in a SD card into the card reader slot, (I was about to wipe and install Windows clean as mentioned above.. ) ... So inserting my sdcard into the slot seemed to kill it for good.


I then contacted (Canadian) Lenovo Support, and they were fantastic. They immediately offered to send me a replacement 9560 WiFi card and it arrived within 2 days. I installed it, but it made no difference. Note that I did notice that the antenna connections may have been swapped - i.e. the black antanna cable put into the slot with the white label, and the gray antenna cable into the slot with the black label. (See picture attachment) Not sure if this would account for some poor/inconsistent performance as I describe above...




I then called back support, but I was provided a different number to call that was in the email confirmation of the 9560 shipment. That number led me to a call center in Georgia and they were useless. After a bunch of redirects and being placed on hold, and finally they thought they should send me a set of antenna cables.. ... really?


I gave up and found the number back to the original Canadian call center .Again, they were fantastic. After attempting to trouble shoot with me some more, and finding me local partner shops where I could get them to check the installation, they finally suggested to send me a shipment box so I can send my X1 Extreme back and they'll replace the motherboard. Hopefully that will solve the issue... but I have little faith in the 9560...


I received the box within 2 days and I will ship it back for the mobo replacement and report when I get 'er back. So I am without a laptop and it is very frustrating. There are lots of QC related posts here on various Lenovo products.. and I fear this is on the uptick.

Token Ring
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Re: Rough Start for new X1 Extreme Owner

The wifi antenna cables have been like that for is the secondary and white/grey is the primary. Intel's colored arrows have been backwards since back in the Centrino days. It really doesn't make much difference though. The performance doesn't noticably change if reversed.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Rough Start for new X1 Extreme Owner

...sigh.. still no update on my laptop..extremely frustrating.


Lenovo has had my laptop since Dec 14th, but no new activity on the support ticket. I have already called in asking for an update, and it looks like there is a part on order. I'm assuming that the part is the motherboard that they were to swap out.




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