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SSD on a four-year old X230?

Would adding an SSD to my 4 year old X230 improve performance, or is the BIOS/Motherboard not new enough to make it worth while?

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Re: SSD on a four-year old X230?

Hi gordonbp,

It depends on your workload. The BIOS / Motherboard would still make it worthwhile to upgrade, as it allows the SSD to run on full speed with 6Gb/s SATA-III support. Except the mSATA only supports up to 3Gb/s. You may look at this thread for reference.

With SSD, your X230 would startup, shutdown, and open files / application faster. It would be even more beneficial if you are working with large data (e.g. Virtual Machines, Large Excel Documents, etc.)


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Re: SSD on a four-year old X230?


You can add either 2.5" SATA III SSD 7 mm in height in regular drive bay or mSATA SSD (the slot utilizes SATA II interface but is compatible with SATA III one) in the wwan/ssd combo slot. There isn't BIOS restrictions SSD related.

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Re: SSD on a four-year old X230?

An SSD helps quite a bit on boot time, when you read a large number of small files that are probably not adjacent on a spinning drive.  It helps less on large files and even less on CPU-intensive tasks


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Re: SSD on a four-year old X230?

its great !!!

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its Fantastic Smiley Happy no problem with bios or matherboard

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Re: SSD on a four-year old X230?

@gordonbp wrote:

Would adding an SSD to my 4 year old X230 improve performance, or is the BIOS/Motherboard not new enough to make it worth while?

While this is a 4 to 5 year old system it's still more than fast enough for general use today. In addition to an SSD upgrade, I'd also recommend RAM upgrade to at least 8GB.

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Re: SSD on a four-year old X230?

I also have a x230, 8GB RAM, SSD, it rocks! 

Especially with non-bloated Linux OS Smiley Happy

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Re: SSD on a four-year old X230?

I would add that a mechanical hard drive is the slowest component of a PC so changing this to an SSD would make it one of the fastest and yield significant performance increases. However, whether or not you notice these speed increases and them being beneficial to you is entirely dependent on your usage as others have pointed out.


What's the rest of your spec on the X230 and what do you use it for? I have an SSD in an X220 and the difference it made, along with increasing the RAM from 4GB to 8GB, is night and day.

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