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Blue Screen Again
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Seeking help w/ choosing Thinkpad laptop for purchase ASAP

I am replacing my 2014 X1 Carbon. I am struggling to figure out what is the best Lenovo laptop for me. Primary goal is to maximize my productivity and efficiency in work and school. For context, I'm on laptop basically all day, mostly working with standard software, and sometimes data processing tools. Want something fast and powerful, so it wont crash when running lots of things for long time. Thin/light unless sacrifices performance. Well designed in terms of features, productivity enhancing tools, etc. If you have a moment to share opinion, I would GREATLY appreciate it. 


Some more specific questions:

- X series is described as "ultraportable productivity tool" whereas T series described as "world-renowned business tools".  Are there specific "business tools" present on the T series but not present on the X series? Or specific productivity features not present on T series? Where to find that info?

- Re X1 carbon vs. X1 yoga, I previously had impression that Yoga was more of a 'fun' laptop rather than a professional/business laptop, and that X1 carbon had higher performance? Is that true, or are they the same except for the 2-in-1 feature of the Yoga? 

- What is an "ultrabook"? Are ultrabooks better compared to laptops without that label?

- Do laptop models differ beyond what's listed in the specs? I assume so, but I've never really known where to get that info from the website...



ANY type of input would be greatly appreciated. 





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Re: Seeking help w/ choosing Thinkpad laptop for purchase ASAP

X1 Yoga Gen 1 is X1 Carbon Gen 4 with a touch screen, active pen (in most if not all configurations) and the Yoga modes with a lift and lock keyboard. The power button of the X1 Yoga moves onto the side of the machine rather than being at the top right of the keyboard as on the X1 Carbon, so that you can start the X1 Yoga in tablet mode without having the open the machine.


In other words, X1 Yoga Gen 1 is a superset of the X1 Carbon Gen 4. If you have - or believe you might have - any use for the touch screen or active pen, it's worth going for X1 Yoga in preference to X1 Carbon. I use my active pen a lot in OneNote 2016, Acrobat DC and various Adobe creative applications.


If you're doing data processing, 16GB of RAM might be helpful. The RAM on X1 Carbon Gen 4 and X1 Yoga Gen 1 is soldered, so you can only get 16GB at order time. I believe Lenovo only offer 16GB on the i7-6600U processor, which is the fastest processor available on this hardware.



The T460 will be heavier and bulkier than an X1 Carbon Gen 4 or X1 Yoga Gen 1 for very similar hardware specifications. The T460 can go above 16GB RAM (I think 20GB is the limit), but this will be of limited benefit. You specified small and light, so I'd stick with the X series. One tiny benefit of the T460 is that there's a 'real' RJ45 Ethernet port - the X1 Carbon Gen 4 and X1 Yoga Gen 1 are so thin that you need a OneLink+ RJ45 dongle to use the built in Ethernet controller.



If a discrete GPU is of benefit with your workload, you could check out the P40 Yoga, but the Quadro M500M GPU of the P40 Yoga comes with a considerable weight penalty over the X1 Yoga.



For what it's worth, I faced a similar choice to you recently. I went for X1 Yoga in a pretty much 'fully loaded' configuration: i7-6600U, 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD (I run a lot of virtual machines), Windows 10 Pro. I opted for the 1440p IPS screen rather than the OLED screen, as I was fearful of the 'first generation' OLED screens proving problematic. OLED can suffer permanent burn-in, as my Samsung mobile phones show, also there is a battery life penalty, so whilst OLED offers incredibly wide gamut and dark blacks, I went for the 'known quantity' of IPS. I went for WiGig - wireless docking is sometimes useful to me, whereas I have no use for built in WWAN.

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Re: Seeking help w/ choosing Thinkpad laptop for purchase ASAP

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