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Punch Card
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Simple software for Mobile data?

My X230 has the Ericsson H5321GW GPRS/3G modem.

The Access Connections program does work but it keeps hanging and does all kinds of other weird things. It generally slows the machine down dramatically. Also it has some bugs e.g. immediately it is started up it enables WIFI...

I installed the current Vodafone mobile data prog from their UK website but it turns out to be a piece of junk which doesn't work.

Years ago, Voda used to do a nice mobile data control app, which "just worked", but that was about 2005 and no way will it support the current Ericsson chip.


Also I used to use a Sierra 750 PCMCIA modem which could be dialed using a little "Sierra watcher" app which worked brilliantly.

I can get mobile data via my phone (over bluetooth) without any of the above, but I would like to be able to use the SIM card in the laptop also, as a backup.

Can anyone suggest anything?

I wonder if Ericsson do some kind of dial-up prog? Sierra used to do little ones which worked fine. Ericsson is a huge company and I can't even find a contact for the bit which makes these chips.


I tried to set up a simple DUN connection, dialing *99#, which normally works with GPRS/3G modems, and works fine for a bluetooth connected Nokia phone for internet access, but in this case it gets as far as "registering the computer on the network" and just hangs there (using one of the two modems shown under CP/Modems for the Ericsson chip) and refuses to dial the other modem, saying it is already in use by another program. I can see something in Task Manager which is active and if I kill it then one can dial but it still won't connect.


I suspect the task which keeps the Ericsson modem busy is something that provides a low level interface for it. I cannot see anything under installed software and nothing under Services.  Access Connections has been uninstalled...


I would much appreciate any suggestions.

Punch Card
Posts: 42
Registered: ‎12-13-2013
Location: UK
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Re: Simple software for Mobile data?


I created a new network connection using control panel / networks. I chose the manual / dial-up, entered *99# as the number, and of the modems presented just ticked the one of the two Ericsson which does NOT have the word "data" in it, and then left all the network connection settings as the winXP defaults (contrary to various instructions on the web).

It really looks like the H5321GW is actually TWO modems. One of them (the one with "data" in the name) is permanently used for something in the x230... no idea what. The other one is the one which works for dialing out in this way.

So now I have:

WIFI - controlled by the FN-F5 and in the usual way
3G using the H5321GW - dial out using the dial-up icon which is offered to you when the network connection is created (and other ways)
3G using a bluetooth connected phone - created using the bluetooth software

Plus of course ethernet!

And I don't have the buggy bloated POS called Access Connections installed at all.

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