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Punch Card
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Sleeves for X220?



I recieved my X220 (fantastic machine!) a couple of weeks ago and I want to buy a sleeve for it.  


Obvious the first sleeve I thought of where the standard Thinkpad sleeve until I noticed it measures 27.5 centimeters! That is more than 7 centimeters too long! I guess the extra space is for the nine cell battery and since I don't use that I would like to know what sleeves other people use?


Writing this post one more question has come to my mind: What boot time should I expect from the X220? 110 seconds seems quite a long time to me. I bought it with a 5400 RPM hard drive, i5 and 4 GB RAM. I have installd MS Office and Adobe CS5. 


I have got an SSD and another 4 GB RAM coming in - how would they affect the boot time?

TP X220 | i5-2520 | 160 GB SSD | 8 GB RAM |
Punch Card
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Re: Sleeves for X220?

13" MacBook Pro sleeve by Incase fits perfectly.

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Re: Sleeves for X220?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Sleeves for X220?

Which battery do you have?  I picked up a booq viper hard case for a 13" macbook air and it has at least 1" in the back more than I would like.  I think this would fit a 9-cell battery perfectly, but I chose the 6-cell because I needed it to be the least wide as possible.

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