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Small SSD for fast OS with large HDD for data...

2011-12-10, 0:09 AM


I have a smallish 64GB mSata SSD where I installed Windows and all my apps. I end up using about 40GB. 


I did put the /user folder onto the HD, so all my music and pictures do not take up all the space. This required some registry fix that I got from some website.


However, I noticed that this also puts the AppData folder in there, where most of the applications seem to store 'stuff'. Does this mean that I'm not really getting all I could from the SSD, because the HD is still required by most applications for all their 'data'?





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Re: Small SSD for fast OS with large HDD for data...

2011-12-10, 12:56 PM

Yes. Most SSD lower size are slower. 64 GB SSD are already slower (and msata is slower still?). And as spaces in the SSD gets consume, it may get slower and slower unless your window 7 can do garbage collection and TRIM. Some SSD like Intel have programs that can be manually run to do the TRIM functionif the SSD has no build in.


When you place the data onto the HDD, it would obviously be slower because no matter how fast the program runs, when it reads the data, it will still need to wait for the HDD data to be seek and deliver.


What you can do is obviously buy a higher GB SSD. Also you can give as much space on the SSD by


1) Turn off system restore

2) Remove the page file on SSD drive, or transfer it to the HDD

3) Turn off hibernation function and remove the hiberfil.sys file

4) Move the microsoft search and index file to the HDD (Slower), so if you want fast search, keep it on the SSD


5) Partition your HDD into 2 partition, lets say D and E. Put your needed data on the D drive and your 'useless' data on E drive (eg movie files). This is because HDD is ciruclar so when you partition it, the D drive is on the outermost and is faster compared to the innermost ring.


6) Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\System Update\session and delete off all the driver folders, eg 8aad10ww. Keep system folder, the xml file and the update.ser This will free up more space.


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Re: Small SSD for fast OS with large HDD for data...

2011-12-10, 17:09 PM

Yes, AppData is where the applications store your settings.
If you want to keep the settings on the SSD and really only have your data on the hard drive, I suggest you leave your profile on the SSD, like it was.

And then go to your home folder, right click on Documents/Downloads/Music/etc, select properties and choose the Location tab. You will be able to put your data elsewhere, but keep the core of your profile on your SSD.



In windows 7 you can also use the Library features, put I don't really like it personally.


As far as SSD speed is concerned, it is only vaguely connected to capacity. OCZ uses two controllers in raid on older/bigger SSD to improve speed, but it is not true for the remaining of the SSDs.

Two things can explain this perception:
First, each generation is faster AND bigger for the same price of the previous generation.
Second: Higher capacity disks are not affected by TRIM(or lack of) at the sate rate, and can remains write efficient longer.

But mSata is almost always slower than a 2.5'' drive. I don't see real limitations that could explain this (beside STA2 vs SATA3) except that msata are for embedded applications and need to be cost-effective usually. Lack of competition is this market segment is also a factor.

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