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Paper Tape
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So my X1 Harddrive just died...

My 1year old X1 hard drive has just died and lenovo have sent me a new one; 


here is the dilema.. i have no lenovo windows cd.. to make matters worse lenovo are sending me one but will take a week to get here, this is while im writing my 3rd year University Dissertation....



So i have a Windows 7 proffessional image from windows that i have installed with a USB stick. However i have no drivers and the drivers website is down for maintinence!


However before the hard drive died i backed up the recovery partition of the hard drive with acronis, so my question is can i recover that part of the partition back to the computer so i can reinstall everything as it would have been?





Alex Cutts

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Re: So my X1 Harddrive just died...

yes you can recover the laptop hdd using the acronis image you have.

Jin Li

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Paper Tape
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Re: So my X1 Harddrive just died...

Thankyou for your promt reply!


Well that isa releif, however i have now restored the partition Q:Lenovo_Recovery but cannot get it to boot by pressing the thinkvantage button on start up. Is there any particular software or driver i need installed on C:/ to get this to work or any other setting i may have overlooked#?


Many thanks



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