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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎01-04-2018
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Strange audio issue - X1 Carbon 4th Gen (Type 20FB, 20FC) Laptop (ThinkPad)

Hello, any help appreciated. About a week ago the sound on my X1 Carbon 4th Gen (Type 20FB, 20FC) Laptop (ThinkPad) changed. Just turned on one day and it sounded completely different. 


It sounds very echo like (like you were in a big cave listening). 


1) If I listen to a song I've listened to a 100 times on this laptop, now it sounds like all the levels are off (same whether Youtube, Spotify, Music player, etc). The backing track seems louder and main vocals seem a bit lost in the mix.


2) Watching sport on the laptop now, the crowd often is louder than the commentary. Or a movie, the main dialogue is harder to hear against background noise.


I changed no settings and cannot see/find any equalisers/settings that can or will alter it. 


If I use headphones, everything sounds as normal. It's just using external speaker sound. Any ideas? It sounds really bad. Thanks in advance.

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