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Summary of upgrading Thinkpad x1 carbon gen 2 to gen 3 keyboard

Parts needed:


1) 00HT300, $198, US keyboard, gen 3

2) 00HN988, $85,  power button board with 4pin to 8pin cable, no button, no screw. You can use screws on Gen 2 Dynamic function board.

3) 00HN987, $45, gen 3 base misc: power button, sim card trey and sim card trey holder (gen 2 has different deisgn)


Parts optional:


1) 04x6600, $35, gen 2 base misc:


Why: If your gen 2 keyboard has NFC function, this is the only way to get a new NFC clickpad cable. However, since NFC antenna is part of (lower layer) clickpad PCB, unless you can build your own PCB, there is no possibility to rebuild NFC function on any gen 3 keyboard. See more details of NFC antenna design:


and Hideto Horikoshi, NFC Antenna Integration Into 5-Button Trackpad for Metal-Covered Ultrabooks, 2014 IEEE 3rd Golbal Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE), IEEE


Summary, what is working:


1) F1-F12, and regular keys


What is not working:


1) Fn key. Why? 


Gen 2 keyboard has 2 inputs: Dynamic Function Board (DFB)(5pin) + power button (3pin) ---> 8pin on MB side, and regular keyboard. However, Gen 3 keyboard's Fn is integrated to keyboard cable but not 8pin input (only 3 pin power button). Embeded Controller Chip (EB) is still taking this as Gen 2 input. So Fn is not mapped at EC level.


Since EC is part of UEFI BIOS, you need remove BIOS chip from MB and reprogram the EC firmware to make it work.


2) Shift key. It acts like gen 2 shift key, double click activates capslock.


3) Fn light, when Caps locked, it is on.


4) All function associate with Fn keys, includes, for example, keyboard light, audio, mic etc...


What is partially working:


1) TrackPoint buttons does not work out of box, but this is driver problem. You can fix it by removing gen 2 and install gen 3 clickpad driver.




Don't waste your time and money unless you can rewirte EC firmware. Thinkpad x1 Gen 2 is end of life.


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