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Terrible experience with Lenovo

2012-10-03, 20:53 PM

I'm a professional graphic/web designer that has spent a lot of time researching the right notebook for my needs. After debating between the Asus Zenbook Prime, and Samsung Series 9, I actually decided to go through with purchasing the Lenovo X1 Carbon. After waiting months for its release, I was finally able to order the top of the line i5/8GB/256GB model on August 14th. Being the patient person I am, I waited almost exactly a month to receive it on September 13th.


I was really impressed with it until I noticed some issues that shouldn't be present on a premium, top of the line notebook. The screen bezel was protruding in the lower left corner so the wires and adhesive were exposed. The trackpad also feels like it was not screwed tightly and has an annoying vibration with a slight touch. Lastly, the comma key is very difficult to press. Upon further inspection, there seems to be a screw under the key preventing it from being fully pressed. It actually feels like it will break the more I press it.


Unfortunately, these problems were enough to have me send it in for repairs. I took drove out about 35 minutes to the closest auhorized shop that said to bring it in so they could look at it. The technician seemed pretty knowledgeable about the situation yet did not want to touch the machine. He was afraid Lenovo wouldn't cover him for the parts since they would say it was "cosmetic". This really disappointed me and made me think it was useless to even have this service in the first place. It was a waste of time and he just told me to send it in to be safe.


I was afraid to get a replacement knowing how delayed they were for being shipped. Plus there was no assurance that these problems would be gone on the replacement. So after taking the technicians advice, I sent it in expecting the repair to take "up to 6 days". This was plenty of time for me to get it back before a developers conference I would be going to where I really needed it. The waiting continued and I ended up going without my notebook. Since then I have checked daily to see the status of the repair. Early on, I saw the status of "machine is being repaired" so I expected everything to be going well and it to be finished soon. I was wrong. The hold up has been a keyboard replacement that is on backorder.


It has been 3 weeks since i sent my X1C in and the part is still on backorder. Windows 8 will be out this month and it will be obsolete. My case was escalated to a supervisor who called me today with options of returning or getting a replacement. She is very uninformed and did not know when I would receive the replacement. The site currently says the expected ship date is 10/17. Again, I don't want a replacement as I'm afraid it will take nearly as long as the repair and I don't want to go through this all again if there are issues with it. When I asked for compensation for my time she said she could offer me a 90 day extended warranty. That's it.


So I am stuck without my X1C for another few weeks. By the time I get it, more than two months will have gone by since my original order. I would go with something else but I got an employee discount that made it worth it over the others. The first month I was patient with the issues behind "waiting for the ethernet dongle". But this just set me over the top. I wish Lenovo would do more to compensate me on this but every representative I've spoken with has been very unhelpful. How could a keyboard be backordered for a month? Did they not prepare for this?


My last machine was a Samsung QX410 and was an excellent machine for what it was. I only upgraded because I wanted something more up to date with a better display. I hate to sound so entitled and I'm usually very respectful and patient. But the repaired X1C better be perfect when I get it back or I will consider something else and never turn back.


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Re: Terrible experience with Lenovo

2012-10-03, 21:58 PM

I think you have lots of company :(


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Re: Terrible experience with Lenovo

2012-10-05, 16:47 PM

I feel like I am in the same boat as you -- also spent a long time deliberating between X1C and Samsung Series 9...and I have to say, I have been disappointed by poor quality control and defective piece that was sent to me.

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