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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkPad X1 Extreme Battery Issue

Hi all,


It has been about a month since I received the new X1 Extreme, and it has been quite good so far, but today, for some unknown reason, I've run into some apparent battery issues.


I charged my computer overnight yesterday, and when I tried using it in class today, it wouldn't start. The red light on the ThinkPad logo wasn't flashing at all, so something was off. I tried turning it on many times, but nothing happened. 


When I came home, I plugged it in and it allowed me to turn it on, but it was stuck at 46% charge and wouldn't move (even after an hour - a period of time sufficient to charge the computer up to 80%). Then, as I was writing this post, a loud 2 bell ringing sound came on and the computer shut down. When I started it up again (connected to the AC adapter), the Lenovo Vantage battery icon displayed an "X" and the Windows battery appeared empty.


I made sure to back up everything and updated BIOS and other drivers just in case, but nothing seemed to work.


If I disconnect the AC adapter, the computer immediately dies. Like this, the computer is no longer useful to me since I need it on the go. 


I'll contact Lenovo support once my schedule frees up a bit, but if this has happened before and you've found a solution, I'd like to get this back to normal as soon as possible.






Blue Screen Again
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Re: ThinkPad X1 Extreme Battery Issue

Alright so after talking to Lenovo Support multiple times, they decided to send me a new motherboard based on the description I gave. They said it would take 3-5 business days, but the part ended up being back-ordered with no estimated date of availability.


I ended up getting the part only today (~2 months delay) only to have the technician tell me that it was just a loose connection between the battery and the motherboard. Anyways, I'm glad the problem is fixed now, but the whole process of getting it fixed was painfully slow and ultimately could have been resolved with a quick visit from a qualified technician.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad X1 Extreme Battery Issue

wow sorry you had to deal with all that stuff, but happy you solved it

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