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ThinkPad X1 Extreme initial setup

Just bought a ThinkPad X1 Extreme UHD and had some questions because I plan on doing a few things upon receiving it.


  • Got the smallest drive because I'm swapping it out with a pair of Samsung EVO 970s I have to dual boot. Doing a clean install from my Windows 10 USB installer and I have Pro license through my Microsoft account, so not concerned about losing the recovery partition and license. I pretty much never use the manufacturers recovery partition because it typically comes with bloat and redundant utilities; just takes up space. Windows comes with enough bloat on a clean install--don't need more. That being said, my concern is with the UHD touchscreen and its ability to recognize a ThinkPad Pen Pro: will I need to manually install an additional driver or program to make sure everything works properly? (Seems fairly straightfoward if I do:


  • After that, I intend to under-volt the CPU in the BIOS. That is where I have typically done it just because I've heard enough from others using software like Throttlestop and XTU that the settings aren't being applied at start-up, they are randomly being unapplied, and that it adds overhead to start-up of the OS and background processes. Never tried so can't speak from experience. In the past I have had to use utilities like AfuWin (to back-up and restore BIOS) and AMIBCP (to unlock hidden BIOS menus), to gain access to OC menus where the undervolting settings reside. Are these menus locked in the Lenovo's BIOS by default or unlocked?


  • Something I haven't come across in my other under-volting projects is the issue of TDP. Seems to be a lot on the subject related to Lenovo laptops. It is a bit unclear to me whether or not this can actually be removed or just worked around. It is further more unclear to me if it can only be done from XTU and Throttlestop or if it can be done in the BIOS, possibly through a hidden menu. Can anyone elaborate on the current state of removing TDP? Does TDP only apply when running on battery (something I read said through AC it doesn't apply)? Does anyone have experience configuring TDP through the BIOS?

Regards and thanks for the help!

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