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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkPad X1 Extreme memory upgrade

I am looking for memory upgrade options from 1x8GB

Searching internet returns Crucial website for compatible sodimm 


Option 1: get 1x 16GB  = total 24GB

Option 2: get 2x 16GB = total 32GB


Q1: I read some where that it is important to have two identical RAM. Perhaps I would go for option 2. Any suggestion


Q2: For option 2, there are 2400 [CT2K16G4SFD824A] or 2666 [CT2K16G4SFD8266] version.

The X1 unit came with 2666 8GB RAM, is it better to go for 2666 version, even through it is written in manual that the max support speed is 2400?


Q3: Please share your choices for X1 extreme memory upgrade?




Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad X1 Extreme memory upgrade

If you want over 16GB, I'd recommend getting 2x 16GB = 32GB.


1. Yes it is important to match memory--if they're not the same size, you'll likely only be in single channel mode (half the memory speed). If they're not the same brand type, they might operate slower or even not at all.  Make sure they're matched.


2. Yes the X1E is limited to 2400Mhz mem speeds.  See note in theire specs: "Installed DIMMs are actually 2666MHz but run at 2400MHz due to Intel limitation)".  As such you can use either 2400 or 2666 (or anything higher), it will just run at 2400 speeds.  Get whatever is cheaper.


3.  You don't need to go with Crucial (although they're a good company), here are other options:

Blue Screen Again
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Re: ThinkPad X1 Extreme memory upgrade

Thank you !


Your post solved my problem,


My X1 Exterme 20MF000LUS is coming 1 X 16 and i was thinking before it arrives i place an order of addtional RAM of 16 GB from curcial. I was confused whether to get a 2666 memory or 2400. Because based on the Lenovo Website it is 2666 where as on Prefs it is written as 2400.


Anyhow now it is clear even if i get 2666 it is still going to work at 2400.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad X1 Extreme memory upgrade

I have 2 x 16GB SODIMMS that are same speed but mismatched brands.  No issues.

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